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Our series Creative Life offers an audio tour of arts, culture, and inspiration on the Cape and Islands. Our region is rich with creative diversity, and so are the stories we tell.

Creative Life is edited by Jay Allison.

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The Darkroom: A Photographer Considers His Legacy

Oct 3, 2016

In Peter Simon’s 50-year career, he’s photographed music legends—The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and Bruce Springsteen, just to name a few—as well as Martha’s Vineyard landscapes, the hippie commune he lived on in the 1970s, and so much more.

Now, at age 69, Peter’s thinking about what kind of legacy he wants to leave.  Annie Sinsabaugh reports.

You can see Peter Simon’s legendary photographs on his website or at his gallery in Vineyard Haven. 

A World of Moments: Dylan James Cole, Filmmaker

Sep 19, 2016

To eighteen year-old Dylan James Cole, every day is a new film to make.  Dylan has produced over forty videos on his YouTube page, most of them in only the last two months.  But he's not out to make the next Transformers.  Instead, he's passionate about recording the intimate, mundanely poetic details of daily life: the smaller, the better, the more beautiful.  Abdi Iftin reports from Falmouth.

The Question: On One Artist's Search for Peace

Sep 5, 2016

Nigerian painter, Frank Chike Anigbo, spent over a decade working on an art project he thought would change lives. Instead, the project created an internal conflict that has plagued him for years. Elizabeth Nakano headed to his studio in Barnstable to learn more. 

Scarbie's Schtick: A Queen Speaks from Provincetown

Aug 15, 2016
Sophia Steinert-Evoy

It's been eleven seasons since David "Scarbie" Mitchell began performing his variety show "Lip Schtick" on Commercial Street in Provincetown.  Throughout the years, Mitchell has developed seven different characters to embody throughout the show; all without leaving the stage. He also performs numerous musical numbers (lip syncing and live) and improv bits. But, unlike other drag shows on the main street, David's show comes with an earnest message of self-love and understanding.  Sophia Steinert-Evoy reports.

A Nose for Memory: Antonia's Flowers

Aug 1, 2016


  Antonia Bellanca makes perfume, but not just any perfume.  Her scents are inspired by memories from her own life.  It began with  her former flower shop Antonia’s Flowers.  Dissatisfied with the lack of variety in women’s perfumes, Antonia set out to make her own, and she began with her favorite flower: freesia.  

Photo by Scott Christy

In Falmouth, architect Charles Orr has been patiently working with bonsai for over two decades. Right now he has over thirty active pieces, many of them growing in a workshop he’s built specifically for the trees. While Charles designs houses professionally as an architect, working with the trees has changed the way he looks at design today.

Throughout history, humans have made music to communicate emotions that are difficult to put into words. On Cape Cod, an artist named Michael Page has created an array of brooding soundscapes to give vent to the darkest things inside of him. In this story, Ryan Sweikert takes us on a journey inside the mind of a troubled musician. 

Photo by Organic Photography


Local musician Sarah Swain wasn’t always local. She was once a guitar player in a pop punk band in LA. They were about to make it big, but the music just wasn’t her style. So Sarah packed her car and disappeared in the middle of the night.

Gyotaku is a 2,000-year-old Japanese art form. Jenny Bovey is one of its few full-time practitioners in the United States. You can find her immersed in paints, ink, fish, fabric, and fine paper in her studio-and-store on Main Street in Chatham. 

Jacqueline Schwab

May 30, 2016

 A profile of Chatham pianist Jacqueline Schwab, best known for her work with Ken Burns on his epic public television series “The Civil War.” Reported by Brian Morris.