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On The Point, we talk to Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Karrin Allyson.  She’s the featured musician at this year’s JazzFestFalmouth.

93 Men

12 hours ago

In November 2011 the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Research vessel Atlantis was headed out to study life at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. But things didn’t go as planned. Producer Scott Christy brings us the story of an unusual 24 hours on board the research ship. This story comes to us from the Transom Story Workshop.

Historically, churches and synagogues have not been viewed as inclusive places for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people.  But that perception is beginning to change, for both religious and LGBT Communities.  On The Point, we discuss the inclusion of LGBT individuals into faith communities. Mindy Todd hosts these guests in the studio: Dr.

Plum Nutty

15 hours ago
Elspeth Hay

Today, I'd like to let my grandmother do the storytelling. A while back, when she moved into an assisted living apartment, she stopped cooking. 

Dan Tritle

On The Point, a discussion of books about dogs and cats. Our book experts Jill Erickson, reference librarian at the Falmouth Public Library, and Peter Abrahams, author, delve into a great collection of works on this theme.  Mindy Todd hosts.

Here's a list of books from today's show.

Mark Faherty

It’s a late summer afternoon on Lieutenant Island in Wellfleet, and some suspicious characters are hanging around by the bridge. Some are crouching behind the railings, and others are peering through high powered optics.

Help for Teen Addicts

Sep 27, 2016

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, opioid related deaths in Barnstable, Dukes, Plymouth, and Bristol counties are among the highest in the state, and this isn’t an epidemic just affecting adults. Of the 209 young people (aged 15-24) who died in this state between January and June of this year, 41 were confirmed opioid related. Earlier this year Hyannis-based Duffy Health Center announced a 100-thousand-dollar federal grant to begin what’s called a medication assisted treatment program designed for 16- and 17-year-olds with opioid addiction.

A closer look at the needs of Cape and Islands veterans and some of the services and supports available to them and their families.  Mindy Todd's guests in the Woods Hole studio are: Jim Pickering, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Masonic Military Assistance Project; and Greg Quilty, Executive Director of the Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center.


Infrared image of the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our solar system orbits the galactic center once every 225-250 million years.
NASA/JPL-Caltech/S. Stolovy (SSC/Caltech) / Public Domain

Thanks to Galileo, it's common knowledge that the Earth orbits the sun. What's not as commonly known is that the sun - and our entire solar system - is orbiting around a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy. It takes 225 million Earth years to make one loop around the Milky Way.

A small group of science enthusiasts thinks we should all stop and ponder this and other amazing facts about our place in the universe once in a while, and they’ve declared a holiday this Thursday for exactly this purpose. It’s called Galactic Tick Day.

Tofu /

We are about to enter “northeaster season,” that time of year when ocean storms strafe our exposed peninsula, often rearranging its topography. They also tend to rearrange our image of ourselves, from that of beleaguered residents enduring the onslaught of summer tourists to that of “rugged New Englanders,” enduring our character-building climate of winter gales and occasional blizzards. 


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