On Good Authority: There's No Such Thing as a Nor'Easter

21 hours ago
Nelson Sigelman

As the fourth storm in as many weeks struck the Cape and islands, a determined group of linguistic holdouts says there is no such thing as “nor’easter.”

Oh, the snow and the wind are real, but the word is not. 

Greg Herd

There are some great opportunities for things-to-do this weekend, from live music, to meeting the people who grow your food, to celebrating the birthday of a famous playwright. Here's your Weekend Outlook.

Researchers have found that charitable giving improves the donor's self esteem and sense of connection, and makes them happier. Giving creates a pleasurable feedback that people find very rewarding. On The Point, we talk about the balance of giving and receiving, and the many ways these experiences affect our lives. Dr. Marc Whaley, psychiatrist, joins host Mindy Todd in the studio to discuss the topic.


“Pawpaw is a tree that will grow here, and was growing here, actually, before the Europeans came,” Eliza Travesino said, as we stood in her Brewster backyard nursery, which holds about a thousand tiny trees. “It can grow from about 12-to-25 feet. It needs a few individuals to pollinate, it’s not self pollinating. And it also produces fruit”

Patty O'Hearn Kickham / http://bit.ly/2FX4PDT

With the weather forecast having become a skipping record of weekly Nor’easters, and temps below freezing every morning, yesterday’s arrival of astronomical spring does little but mock us. But as always, nature offers signs of hope if you know where to look and especially if you how to listen.

Sarah Tan / WCAI


Last week’s nor’easter covered some areas of Cape Cod with over a foot of snow, and left many without power for days. Power outages this time were mostly caused by an unusual number of roadside trees uprooting and falling over.

Single-use plastic bottles have become ubiquitous- not only do we use them for soda and sports drinks, it seems as if plastic water bottles can be found at every meeting, event, cafeteria, and even in our homes.

Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra

The debut of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra. We sit down with the founder and conductor of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra, Matt Scinto. With a debut performance on April 15, the orchestra hopes to engage younger listeners, musicians, and composers. 

On Great Expectations

Mar 20, 2018
wiki commons

I remember the first time I visited Walden Pond. It was a brilliant spring day, decades ago now, when I cycled out to Concord, Massachusetts. I had read and admired Thoreau for years and this was my first trip to the spot where he wrote his classic account of living alone in the woods. I arrived with great expectations, but came away oddly disappointed.

L. Lerner

There’s been a steady decline in mental health among teens and young adults in recent decades. Since 1960, anxiety, depression, and addiction have increased, as as has the number of young people who say they aren’t the ones in control of their lives. That lack (or perceived lack) of control may be at the heart of the problem.


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