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Shelley Edmundson

The Unlikely Channeled Whelk Coming Soon... to Your Dinner Table

There they sit, on the bottom of the sea floor, minding their own sea snail business. They hardly have a care in the world or any predators (besides fishermen) to bother them. That is, unless they get caught up with lobster in a trap. The channeled whelks in these waters make up one of the most important fisheries around here. Who knew?
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Courtesy of Buzzards Bay Coalition

Long before crowd-sourcing and citizen science were buzzwords, volunteers for Buzzards Bay Coalition were monitoring water quality along the estuary's edges, from Westport to the Elizabeth Islands. The resulting data set spans twenty four years, and includes information about nutrients, temperatures, oxygen levels, and algral growth at two hundred locations. It's a scientific treasure-trove, but one which has gone relatively un-mined ... until now.

Gabrielle Healy / WCAI

Dawn and Eric Spitz are back where they started – on the stage, together, performing one of America’s favorite musicals with the Chatham Drama Guild.

“Well actually, Dawn and I met way back, Eric Spitz said. “How many years ago? 53 years ago in this particular show, Guys and Dolls.”

The couple initially lost touch after that show five decades ago. But a few years later, they were re-introduced by their mutual singing teacher. Soon they married, and they’ve been traveling the country performing ever since.

Kat Sampson

  When Richard Bertman went to California to pursue a degree in architecture, he left with a serious hobby after taking an elective course in welding.

“I started to make this thing and I didn’t like it,” Bertman said. “When I was completed, I threw it in the trash and I was walking around the campus and someone said ‘Hey, I saw your piece in the museum.' The professor had taken it out of the trash and put it in the museum and I thought to myself ‘Well maybe I have some abilities here and I should continue’ But I really love to do it.”

Hodophobia - There's No Place Like Home

19 hours ago

Not long ago, I was having dinner with some people from work, enjoying eggplant smothered in rich tomato sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.  Disrupting my stupor, Ellie turned to me and asked if I’ve ever been to Italy.  I swallowed a large mouthful of Chianti and braced myself.  This was not the first time I’ve been asked that question.  It’s a recurring nightmare and my answer is always the same.

Bill Hoenk/Inquirer and Mirror

Among the big news stories of week: Illegal clam harvest in Provincetown; huge fine for Chatham property owner who bulldozed wetlands; state sides with Orleans over spit-spat; Nantucket selectmen want annual 4th of July party shut down; Cape Cod leads nation in under-employment; Eversource planning new Acushnet facility; and former Dartmouth selectmen sentenced in embezzlement case.

Edward Gorey House

Fans of author and illustrator Edward Gorey can introduce a new generation to his work with an unusual children’s celebration Saturday at the Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth Port.

S Junker

We're blessed to have such great coastline to fish. From jetties, canal-side, backwater estuaries, or beaches, an angler can cast for a wide variety of fish. But some fishing is best - or only - done from the water. If you don't have a boat for that, booking a charter might be your next best option.

The region of the world known as the Middle East encompasses 17 countries, over twice as many ethnic groups, and is the birthplace of many religious and spiritual groups. Significant stocks of crude oil have resulted in economic and political power for the region, but ethnic and religious diversity has lead to instability. On The Point, Mindy Todd hosts a discussion with two veterans of the US Foreign Service about relations with the Middle East. William Rugh is a former ambassador with nine diplomatic assignments in the Arab world.

Our book experts look into the literary genre Science Fiction and find there's a lot to read! On The Point, Mindy Todd hosts Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at Falmouth Public Library and Vicky Titcomb from Titcomb’s Bookshop, to discuss works of Science Fiction.

Calming Buzz: Fresh Sonic

Jul 29, 2015
Maja Dumat / flickr / CC2.0

In this 60-second sonic, Julie Lipkin talks about the allure of beekeeping. And Davis gets too close.

Produced by Davis Land and Atlantic Public Media.