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Whether you're in the mood to challenge your taste buds, wonder at magic tricks, or listen to a million dollar violin, there's plenty to do.  Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

Nationally, one in four homeless individuals are women, yet there has been little funding for supports and services aimed at this population. On The Point, we check in with local organizations that support and serve the homeless about trends and needs in our region. We hear about the latest data, the successful Housing First model, and how public/private partnerships can leverage more funding for housing creation. 

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Gleaning is an ancient practice, as old as the Torah. It means to gather leftover grain or other produce from farm fields after a harvest, and traditionally was a form of charity. In most places, the tradition has died out. But today on Martha's Vineyard thanks to a program called Island Grown Gleaning, it's alive and well.

Research has determined that the immune system directly affects and even controls social behavior. Scientists are looking at how problems with the immune system may effect social interactions. Recent findings could have implications for neurological diseases such as autism and schizophrenia. On The Point, Mindy Todd talks with psychologist Michael Abbruzzese and psychiatrist Marc Whaley.

Mark Faherty

What’s blue and orange and generates a lot of questions from listeners? The answer is the Eastern Bluebird, everyone’s favorite neighborhood songbird. Especially your grandmother. While it may not seem like the right time of year to talk bluebirds, they can be fairly common in winter, and some lucky folks even get them in their yards.

If you have the right kinds of fruiting trees and shrubs, some water, and maybe suet, you have at least a fighting chance of a visit from your local bluebirds all winter long.

The Falmouth Service Center helps ease stress, reduce hunger and improve the quality of life in our community, particularly during the cold winter months. The Service Center has teamed up with the Woods Hole Film Festival for a fundraiser, with a screening of the film Landfill Harmonic. It's about a Paraguayan student musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. Musicians from the Cape Symphony and the Cape Cod Conservatory will play at the event.

As wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest serving First Lady. She was also a leader in her own right, championing humanitarian and social reform issues. Much has been written about Eleanor Roosevelt’s life and activism, but the new book Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady sheds light on another aspect of her life; the 30-year relationship she had with journalist Lorena Hickok. Author  Susan Quinn joins Mindy Todd in The Point studio for this interview.

Becky Dalzell

If there’s anything than interests me more than local history, it's unrecorded local history – that is, events, stories, characters and places that live only in the memories of long-time residents – and sometimes not even there, sometimes only in the shapes of certain landscapes, or in the presence of mute but evocative objects that require the beholder to shape and piece together a tentative narrative about their history.

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Over the past several years, climate change has gained a reputation as a liberal agenda item. It wasn't always that way; it was President George H. W. Bush who brought the U.S. into international climate negotiations in 1992. Today, many GOP legislators reject the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change. But that science is clear – human activities are disrupting the global climate system, and that poses risks to people and institutions of all political persuasions.

Poetry Sunday: Chastity Hale

Jan 15, 2017

Chastity Hale reads her poem, "What It Means To Be Black In America."