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WCAI's Brian Morris hosts the Weekly News Roundup, talking about the week's news with area journalists.  Guests include Patrick Cassidy with the Cape Cod Times; Ryan Bray with the Falmouth Enterprise; Tim Wood with the Cape Cod Chronicle; Josh Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; Ann  Wood of the Provincetown Banner; Jim DeArruda of the New Bedford Standard-Times; and Bill Chaisson of the Martha's Vineyard Times.

This Election Night, November 8th, WCAI brings you complete coverage of local and national races, and results for statewide ballot questions, beginning at 8pm.

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On The PointMindy Todd sits down with two candidates for the Cape and Islands state senate seat.  The seat is being vacated by outgoing Senator Dan WolfJulian Cyr (Democrat) and Anthony Schiavi (Republican) discuss the top issues for our region.

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Ben Chung is obsessed with garlic. He lives in East Orleans with his wife, six kids, and uncle, and he works as a dentist. But when he’s not cleaning teeth, he’s outside working in his garden, where he grows over fifty kinds of garlic.

WCAI's Mindy Todd talks with Nantucket County Sheriff Jim Perelman, who's running for re-election.

Politics and Books

Oct 26, 2016

This month's books program on The Point is all about politics. Mindy Todd hosts Jill Erickson from the Falmouth Public Library, and political reporter Rosie Gray with Buzzfeed, to talk about their top picks. 

Here's a list of books from this program.

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Though I'm recording this week's bird report from my temporary headquarters on the big island of Hawaii, I know through the magic of the internet that the Cape is currently hosting a very rare visitor. For the first time ever, a Gray Kingbird has made its way to the archipelago, and is now holding court with throngs of local birders.

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The internet is so ingrained in our daily lives, that it can be hard to remember life before it. And it changes so quickly it’s equally hard to know what the future might hold. One thing that’s clear is that more and more people will be connected and doing more and different things with this technology.

It’s a bit tricky to pinpoint when the internet began. Was it the first email? The first public network? What we do know is exactly when we started keeping a record of what’s on the web - October 26, 1996.

On The Point, we discuss how the opioid epidemic is impacting children. Sixty percent of those dying from opioid overdose are between the ages of 25 and 44; a demographic that is more likely to have school aged children. Those living and struggling with addiction often can’t fulfill their parental duties and are absent from the lives of their children. What kinds of supports and services do we need to help children and families dealing with addiction, and how are schools, non-profits and the state stepping up to help?


WCAI examines the pros and cons of Ballot Question 4, which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts.


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This Election Night, November 8th, WCAI brings you complete coverage of local and national races, and results for statewide ballot questions, beginning at 8pm.
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