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On The Point, horticulturist Roberta Clark joins our host Mindy Todd for our gardening program. Plants are growing very fast in the heat of summer, and so are insects; some beneficial and some that are bothersome to our garden plants. Roberta gives us tips on all garden questions, from watering, weeding, harvesting, and fertilizing, to how to controll powdery mildew and other plant problems.  

Nantucket Data Platform

If  you were to ask how many year-round residents live on Nantucket, the answer would depend on whom you talk to.  

That prompted a project called the Nantucket Data Platform.  Alan Worden and his team have been counting and organizing data from town government, ferries, airports, the census, and other organizations to get a better picture of the community. Worden talked with WCAI's Kathryn Eident about some of the things he learned.  

When the Fish Aren't Biting

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I cleaned the rain gutters on my house this weekend. Which is another way of saying the fishing is slow.

A few weeks ago, we spoke with a young ocean researcher who was struck by the lack of diversity among her colleagues and decided to dig deeper. Emily Cooperdock and a colleague got their hands on four decades worth of data and found that years of talk and diversity initiatives have done little to actually increase the representation of women and minorities in earth and ocean sciences.

It used to be that fat was fat, and fat was bad. Then, we learned about different kinds of fats – some worse for us than others – and then some other fats – the omega-3 fatty acids – that are actually good for us. 

The new play is called Bearded Ladies, written by Woods Hole resident P.K. Simonds, a long-time television writer.  The play will premiere as a stage reading Sunday July 22 in Falmouth, presented by the Cape Cod Theater Project.

NASA / go.nasa.gov/2uqb0ga

In September of last year, an observatory at the South Pole detected a tiny streak of blue light deep within the ice below. That observatory is known as Ice Cube. Yes, like the rapper. It’s a coincidence that Dawn Williams of the Ice Cube Collaboration says sometimes confuses people on the internet.

National Weather Service

We are officially more than a month into hurricane season and we have a rare bit of good news: this year’s hurricane season may not be as active as originally thought, and it's already forecasted to be less active than last year.

Todd Kennelly

The Cape Cod Coliseum is a former entertainment venue in South Yarmouth that once hosted ice hockey games, professional wrestling matches, as well as some of most legendary acts in rock music.

The Coliseum opened in 1972. It was initially built as an arena for youth and amateur ice hockey matches, and was home to the Cape Cod Cubs of the Eastern Hockey League.

Poetry Sunday: Justen Ahren

Jul 15, 2018

Justen Ahren reads his poem, "Solstice." 


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