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I've always loved exploring the connections between ocean and space science, but space whales? Apparently, they're an actual "thing." Try Googling it, and see for yourself. I know, because I did. Here's the whole sordid tale.


The first Cape Cod Family & Youth Film Festival is coming! Designed to foster an appreciation of film as an art form and cinema as a social event, in an age where many families turn to television, streaming platforms, and various devices for their entertainment. This festival recognizes the importance of the unique experience of going to the movies, and of sharing that marvelous activity with the next generation.


 A conversation with Alastair Moock, a Grammy-nominated musician and songwriter, who celebrates the roots of American music.

Many music and arts events are planned around the celebration of Valentine's this weekend, so grab a sweetheart and head out to enjoy the holiday that's all about love and caring. 

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It’s seed ordering time again. While the cold blows in under the doors and through cracks in the windows, the catalogs pour in through the mail. And it’s time to start thinking about this year’s gardens. What are we going to plant? Well, together with his wife, Peter Staaterman runs Longnook Meadows Farm in Truro, and he has an idea.

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When the howling winter wind is piling snow drifts across your driveway, you might find it therapeutic to think about that iconic sign of the eventual change of seasons, the first robin of spring. In that case, I have some good news for you - the robins are already here! 

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Nantucket Sound will soon become home to one of a handful of artificial reefs in the state.

Harwich officials worked with the state's fisheries department to select material from the old Harwich High School to make the reef, which will sit in piles along the mostly sandy seafloor. The goal is to attract fish and boost recreational fishing.

WCAI's Kathryn Eident talked with Biologist Mark Rousseau of the state's Division of Marine Fisheries to learn more.

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White Nose Syndrome is a disease responsible for unprecedented mortality in hibernating bats. Martha’s Vineyard may be one of a few places in the Northeast where White Nose Syndrome hasn't infected bats or the places they hibernate.

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The greatest art heist of all time remains unsolved, but in his new book Master Thieves: The Boston Gangsters Who Pulled Off the World’s Greatest Art Heist author Steven Kurkjian reveals that a small-time gangster may have masterminded the audacious 1990 robbery of $500 million worth of masterworks from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Kurkjian was an inv

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At a recent dinner with old friends, someone brought up the topic of the “Target Ship.” For over a half a century, the target ship was a familiar and legendary sight in Cape Cod Bay for those of us who lived near the elbow of the Cape.