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A state record fish was landed last week–and it wasn’t one of the fish that we typically think of when we talk about fishing around the Cape and Islands. It was a wahoo.

A wha-what?

Dan Tritle

WCAI's Brian Morris hosts the Friday News Roundup of local and regional news.  Guests include: Patrick Cassidy from the Cape Cod Times; Sara Brown from the Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood from the Cape Cod Chronicle; Josh Balling from the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; Ann Wood from the Provincetown Banner; Jim DeArruda from the New Bedford Standard-Times; and Nelson Sigelman from the Martha's Vineyard Times.

Much has changed in the busy world of movie-making since the Woods Hole Film Festival began a quarter century ago.  On The Point, festival director Judy Laster and assistant director John Gamache talk about what's new and what's old at this year's event.  WCAI's Mindy Todd hosts.

Thomas Bena began questioning whether huge "trophy" mansion houses were appropriate for Martha's Vineyard, or for any coastal community, and he started documenting his search for answers. One of the outcomes is his documentary film One Big Home. Thomas Bena joins Mindy Todd on The Point in our Woods Hole studios.

Filmmaker Beth Murphy traveled to Afghanistan to go inside the very first girl’s school in one small Afghan village. Her documentary is titled What Tomorrow Brings. Ms.

Scientists Discover New Tick-Borne Illness on Cape Cod

Jul 21, 2016

Yesterday we reported on a new tick-borne virus on the Cape. It's called Powassan, and it's a relative of the West Nile virus. Scientists found the first case of Powassan in Massachusetts last fall. 

Kathryn Eident talked with Cape Cod Cooperative Extension entymologist Larry Dapsis about Powassan and what can be done about it.


Read more about the symptoms of Powassan at cdc.gov/powassan

Elspeth Hay

My mother is a profound believer in the power of zucchini. A zucchini patch, she says, is a meal. It can feed a family for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner on the grill. You name the zucchini recipe, she's made it. She has four recipes for zucchini bread alone.

Composite: Uber.com / Justin Paradis

This Memorial Day marks a year since Uber launched on the Cape and the Islands. Since then, the company says it provided tens of thousands of rides, but that they couldn't quite keep up with the high seasonal demand. 

J. Junker

On The Point, we discuss the terrible problem of opiate addiction in our region. Barnstable County ranks first in the rate of overdose deaths in the state. Costs to society are high, and include crime, medical fees, and child welfare. Mindy Todd hosts psychiatrist Marc Whaley and psychologist Michael Abbruzzese to discuss the psychology and science of  addiction.

Mark Faherty

Even though you’re taking your life into your hands just by getting on route 6, July is nevertheless one of my favorite times of year, because it’s the beginning of shorebird migration. Arctic nesting sandpipers and plovers are already heading south and turning up on Cape beaches and mud flats.