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Two groups, The Yard and the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival, team up to bring Reggie Wilson’s Fist and Heel Performance Group to Martha's Vineyard. The group's current performance "CITIZEN" explores what it means to belong, and not to belong.

Harriet Tubman, an American slave who escaped bondage, became a leading abolitionist in the period before the Civil War. In April of this year the U.S. Treasury announced that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill, marking the first time an image of a woman and an African American will be represented on paper currency in the U.S.


It's no secret that the Cape lacks affordable housing, and the problem is especially acute in Provincetown.

Officials recently met with the state agency, Mass Development, and the consulting group, Urban Land Institute to brainstorm creative solutions. One idea that came up is micro-housing.

Kathryn Eident talked with Provincetown Town Manager David Panagore about that idea, and other ways they're trying to help residents stay in town year-round.


J. Junker

On The Point, Mindy Todd talks with author Peter Abrahams and Jill Erickson, Head of Reference and Adult Services at Falmouth Pubic Library about BOOKS... with some relationship to the beach! A wide ranging selection from Proust to pirates to sandcastles: here is the list of all the titles mentioned, including our listener picks.

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Cape native Kati Sorensen is among the Bay State residents and lawmakers at this week's Democratic National Convention.

The 27-year-old represents Bernie Sanders voters from the 9th Congressional District--which includes the Cape, Coast, and Islands. Kathryn Eident talked with Sorensen about what's next for Sanders supporters now that Hillary Clinton has the nomination.

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It may not feel like fall, but if you ask a migratory shorebird, they’ll tell you summer is over and it’s time to pack your bags and head south. Since early July, adults of the many species of Arctic nesting shorebirds that pass through our area have been massing on local beaches, mud flats, and salt marshes.

The Provincetown Jazz Festival is in its 12th year, and brings jazz musicians and vocalists from around our region and around our world together in two venues.  Joining us to discuss the festival and the jazz scene on the Cape is festival founder and musician Bart Weisman. Here's a link to tickets for the WCAI Jazz Benefit concert.

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Wellfleet writer Robert Finch has been observing and writing about the people and places of Cape Cod for many years.  On The Point, he talks to Mindy Todd about the essays he writes for WCAI, and about his new book of collected writings based on his work for the radio station.

National Park Service

It’s the National Parks Service centennial this year and parks across the country, including the Cape Cod National Seashore, are celebrating. On The Point, we discuss a newly composed chamber music piece inspired by the Cape Cod National Seashore and how the arts can serve to promote and preserve our National Parks.

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Cape Cod is a region that is usually spoken of, even by year-round residents, as if it were one fairly homogeneous place, with bigger or smaller waves, and perhaps some variation in traffic from season to season. I have lived here for over 40 years, and I am still learning about how different the various parts of this slim, sandy peninsula are.