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Creative Life airs every second Monday at 8:40am and 5:45pm.

Our series Creative Life offers an audio tour of arts, culture, and inspiration on the Cape and Islands. Our region is rich with creative diversity, and so are the stories we tell.

Creative Life is edited by Jay Allison.

Creative Life is made possible by The Circle of Ten, ten local businesses and organizations committed to local programming on WCAI.

Lucy Kang

 Irreverent. Visionary. Provocative. Jay Critchley’s performance art has been called many things. Since his reinvention as a “born-again artist,” Jay has made his own unique creative mark in Provincetown and beyond.

As he confronts his years of artwork for a retrospective, he muses on his unorthodox path to art – one that takes him through unemployment, a battle with town hall, and a love affair with sand.

Reinventing DIY on Cape Cod

May 4, 2015
Phoebe Flanigan.

Doug Butler is something of a Renaissance man: he’s an inventor, a tailor, an engineer. And whether he’s imagining gadgets from the future or reconstructing items from the past, he’s always making something.

Minor Key

Apr 20, 2015
Mary Quintas

Bryson Alexander is a Contemporary Classical music composer.  He’s composed nearly 40 pieces of music…and all by the age of 16 - without knowing how to read or write music.  For our Creative Life Series, Mary Quintas brings us his story from North Truro.

Bryson is also a self-taught accordion player and composer.  You might find him busking in Provincetown, or playing with the band Johnny and the Washashores.

In the Unlikeliest of Places

Mar 30, 2015
Mary Decker

Cape Cod was once home to a thriving punk scene. But, in recent years younger generations have fled to greener pastures for more affordable lifestyles and other young people. There is however one relic from the Cape’s punk heyday.

Annabel Lang

It's hard enough to be  an independent musician but Peter Donnelly has also faced a unique set of challenges on the way to finding his voice. 

Story of a Wedding Cake

Mar 2, 2015

A lot happens in Lisa Raffael's cake shop. You might see a couple nervously deciding between red velvet and oreo cookie cream wedding cake; Or Lisa, working late into the night on a complex design of Fenway Park crafted out of sugar.

Lisa has baked for countless Cape Cod weddings. Anna Stitt went to visit Raffael in her shop to find out just what goes on behind the scenes of those perfect plastic-looking wedding cakes and what's it like for an artist to have their work disappear almost immediately?

A Need for Bright Color

Feb 9, 2015

Fabric artist Loesje Creeden is an award-winning quilter.  Her quilts don’t cover beds, they hang on walls. Creeden's pieces depict the landscapes wherever she goes—from Maine to Arizona. While her work is inspired by the scenery wherever she goes, there is a much deeper reason, and need, for her creative expression. Jackie Mitchell went to visit Creeden's studio in Sandwich.


Creative life is edited by Jay Allison and made possible by the Circle of Ten - ten local businesses and organizations committed to local programming on WCAI. 

Tip of the Brush

Jan 19, 2015
Travis Lux

Billboards, business logos, street signs, window lettering; If you drive down any Main Street you’re surrounded by signs. But how did they get there? And who makes them? Even as recently as the 1980’s, most were produced by hand,  with paint and brush  by commercial artists whose full-time job it was to paint signs. Today the human hand is less evident in signs -  which are usually cut from sticky vinyl and designed with computer software.  But old-school sign painters are still out there – like Greg Vaughan who lives and works in Brewster.

The Art of a Wig Maker

Jan 5, 2015

Richard Theodore started working with wigs and hair pieces over 50 years ago. Throughout his life's work, he's seen how wigs have come in and out of style. Wigs were once an everyday fashion statement, a part of life in the 60s. Today wig fashions are considerably less visible.  Ellie Payne Smith went to speak with Theodore in Hyannis.

You can get more information about Theodore's wigs here.  

Anna Rose MacArthur

Artist Jon Goldman is painting 781 portraits of his Woods Hole village to bring his community closer together.  781­ is the number of people living in Woods Hole, according to the 2010 U.S. census.

Goldman hopes the project will bring his community together. He says, “If it gets people talking about the community, if it gets people talking about art, then I’ve been successful. So if one person asks a question…one person recognizes somebody that they see, it’s a success.”