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Utopia... the Vineyard in January

Dec 3, 2014

I think I’m partially responsible for the winter population explosion here. And this is my formal apology.

Over the years when people have asked in that incredulous voice, well I mean how are the winters out there? Isn’t it freezing? You get away for a few months, right?

Listening to Your Intuition

Sep 1, 2014

Remember when how you FELT was the biggest part of you? When you had a feeling and no matter what your mind said you trusted your gut more? My grandmother left Germany in 1931 on such a feeling. It s not going to be good for jews here anymore, she said . And she sent her husband to America and then a year later when he had found a job she joined him with her two children; my mother and my uncle.

The Wedding Dress

Aug 31, 2014


When we made plans to elope, we didn’t think much about what we would wear.  Shelley wanted to wear overalls.  She’s always planned to be buried in them, so why not get married in them.   

What the Mind Forgets

Aug 19, 2014

Mom woke from a nap and asked Rhiannon and me, “Have you seen Rico?”

My daughter and I had never heard of him but mom is 92 and her mind has become like a kaleidoscope of the last nine decades, randomly clicking memories into focus that become her current reality.

“No, I haven’t seen him, who is he?”

“He was my old boyfriend. He was here earlier. I think he’s upstairs now with Savannah. I think she stole him from me.”

A Doctor Disposal

Aug 12, 2014

 I came home from work on a Monday night in September and pulled the car into my usual parking spot.  The headlights lit up a blue dumpster that had been delivered earlier that day, announcing the start of our renovations.  On the front of the dumpster was a white sign that read:  “Doctor Disposal”, in big blue letters.  The T was replaced by a caduceus, the outline of a staff with 2 serpents that symbolizes the medical profession.  The sign sent a chill down my spine.

Do Drop In...

Aug 11, 2014


I grew up in New York City, there was no such thing as “stopping by for an unexpected visit.” There is no “stopping by” in New York, period. If you’ve decided to pay someone a visit, you have committed to much more than that. You have committed to walking down a New York City street, to going underground for a subway ride, to having a conversation with a doorman, and to riding the elevator with strangers.

Staying Focused in Summer

Aug 6, 2014
Dan Tritle

Summer is packed with a million things to see and taste and do - not exactly a recipe for a crisp or calm presence of mind. Nancy Slonim Aronie writes to us from Martha's Vineyard  about her own struggle to stay focused. Nancy teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop, and is the author of Writing from the Heart.

The essay was edited by Viki Merrick of Atlantic Public Media and recorded by Jimmy Parr at Parr Audio in Oak Bluffs.

The Story of the Rings

Feb 14, 2014

Years ago, in the days before the words gay and marriage were ever joined together, the best a same sex couple could do was to have a commitment ceremony and wear matching rings.  Shelley and I have never been ones for ceremony, but over the years, we occasionally did think about rings.  In the end, I was always afraid someone would ask me about my presumed husband, and neither of us felt comfortable in jewelry stores, so our fingers remained bare.  

Just Dancing Birds

Jan 4, 2014
Vern Laux

The end and the beginning of every year inspire us to make resolutions -  or -  at the very least, reflect on the way we move through the world.

Nancy Slonim Aronie teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop and is the author of Writing from the Heart.

Gratitude in the Air

Dec 1, 2013
Sara Piazza

Is it better to give than to receive?  Commentator Nancy Slonim Aronie of Chilmark has found that it's often a tie. Nancy teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop and is the author of Writing from the Heart.