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Several Cape police departments are joining with hundreds of others nationwide Tuesday for National Night Out. This family-friendly event aims to connect police with residents in a fun setting. 

Dennis police are participating in their 16th National Night Out. Kathryn Eident talked with Officer Ryan Carr about whether he thinks the nationwide tension we've seen this summer over police-community relations will play a part in this year's event. 




It's no secret that the Cape lacks affordable housing, and the problem is especially acute in Provincetown.

Officials recently met with the state agency, Mass Development, and the consulting group, Urban Land Institute to brainstorm creative solutions. One idea that came up is micro-housing.

Kathryn Eident talked with Provincetown Town Manager David Panagore about that idea, and other ways they're trying to help residents stay in town year-round.


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Cape native Kati Sorensen is among the Bay State residents and lawmakers at this week's Democratic National Convention.

The 27-year-old represents Bernie Sanders voters from the 9th Congressional District--which includes the Cape, Coast, and Islands. Kathryn Eident talked with Sorensen about what's next for Sanders supporters now that Hillary Clinton has the nomination.

Scientists Discover New Tick-Borne Illness on Cape Cod

Jul 21, 2016

Yesterday we reported on a new tick-borne virus on the Cape. It's called Powassan, and it's a relative of the West Nile virus. Scientists found the first case of Powassan in Massachusetts last fall. 

Kathryn Eident talked with Cape Cod Cooperative Extension entymologist Larry Dapsis about Powassan and what can be done about it.


Read more about the symptoms of Powassan at cdc.gov/powassan

The Amazon fulfillment center in Fall River is finally a done deal. 

Negotiations to lure the giant online retailer to the city began back in 2014. Almost a year and a half later, the 1.2-million-square-foot fulfillment center on the Fall River-Freetown line is nearing completion, and should open by late September. 

Photo Credit: Bob Murray Housing With Love Walk

Hundreds of people are taking to the streets this week to raise awareness about the region's housing crisis. 

The "Bob Murray Housing With Love Walk" covers more than 100 miles of Cape roads each year and has raised millions for local housing and homeless agencies since it started in 1993.

Organizers hope to raise a quarter of a million dollars during this year's week-long event.

Kathryn Eident talked with volunteer Don Jenkins about the walk and Bob Murray's legacy.



New iPhone App Tracks Sharks Off Cape Cod

Jul 1, 2016
Photo credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

A new iPhone app was released Friday that will help both scientists and residents know when a great white shark is near Cape shores. Kathryn Eident talked with Cynthia Wigren of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to learn more about the app.  

Gypsy Moths Are Back this Summer

Jun 23, 2016
James McNeill, decodedscience.org

You may have seen them on trees, on your car and even on the streets and sidewalks—they are the fuzzy caterpillars that turn into gypsy moths. These creatures can do some damage to the region's trees.

Kathryn Eident talked with Larry Dapsis, an entomologist with the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, to learn more. 

Photo courtesy of Cindy Way

A Virginia-based couple hopes to leave from Chatham this week in the latest attempt to row across the Atlantic. James Caple, 47, and his girlfriend, Cindy Way, 42, want to become the first American couple to accomplish this feat. They plan to land in Dingle, Ireland in August. Kathryn Eident talked with them about the adventure ahead.





Eight Cape Towns Hold Local Elections

May 18, 2016

Towns across the Cape held local elections last night, filling seats for selectman, school committee, and deciding on financial matters. Kathryn Eident talked with Gwenn Friss of the Cape Cod Times for a summary of the results. 

Photo credit: Associated Press

Geologically speaking, Cape Cod is little more than a constantly shifting sand bar. Last week, nature offered the latest reminder of that fact when a huge clay formation broke away from the cliff face at Coast Guard Beach in Truro and collapsed onto the beach below.

WCAI's Brian Morris spoke with Dr. Graham Giese, Scientist Emeritus at the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, about how and why this sort of thing happens.

The Cape Cod Canal will soon become home to a test site for companies looking to harness the power of tidal energy. The non-profit Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative is spearheading the project and hopes to have it running by late summer.

Kathryn Eident talked with the Center's John Miller to learn more about the Bourne Tidal Test Site.



Outer Cape police departments have begun accepting unwanted firearms. Those towns are: Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown.

The gun buyback program runs through May 16th from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day. Residents can bring in any unwanted guns no-questions-asked and receive a small thank you gift in return.

Kathryn Eident spoke with Wellfleet Police Chief Ronald Fisette to learn more about the program.

Residents can go to Wellfleet Police Department's web page and click "news blogs" to learn more.

Waste Control Specialists

The company that owns the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth recently said it will close that plant in 2019, but that doesn't mean the windows there will be boarded up anytime soon.

As early as next fall, police at Cape Cod Community College may patrol its wooded campus in West Barnstable armed with guns.