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WCAI's award-winning public affairs program. Every Monday The Point features Living Lab with Heather Goldstone, examining the stories behind science headlines. Tuesday through Thursday, Mindy Todd hosts a lively and informative discussion on critical issues for Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Coast. Every Friday is the News Roundup, as WCAI Senior Reporter Sean Corcoran speaks with news editors and reporters from around the region.

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The Point hosts: Mindy Todd, Heather Goldstone, and Sean Corcoran.
Credit Maura Longueil

WCAI's Sean Corcoran hosts a discussion of the week's top local news.  His guests include Geoff Spillane from the Cape Cod Times; Sam Houghton of the Mashpee Enterprise; Sara Brown of the Martha's Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Jim DeArruda of the New Bedford Standard-Times; Josh Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times; and Ann Wood of the Provincetown Banner.

J. Junker

Whether it’s grown, raised, caught or eaten on the Cape, Coast and Islands, our region offers many ways to engage in the local food movement. Our favorite foodies join us on The Point to discuss locally produced foods and how the food movement is evolving. We also talk about restaurant reviews and what local items to seek out in area eateries.

Cape Cod-based photographer Julia Cumes traveled to Kenya this past winter to teach photography to tribal women. On The Point, Mindy Todd talks with her about the workshop and its larger goals to help empower women and enable them to document their lives. Here is a link to Ms.

In 2007 the ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico, was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. A popular tourist destination, this archaeological site once belonged to Edward Herbert Thompson (1857-1935) of West Falmouth, Massachusetts!  Evan Albright has written a book, part biography, which investigates how Thompson, an archaeologist who had owned and explored Chichen Itza for nearly half a century, made one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in North America. Mr.

In our homes and offices, we are surrounded by chemical products - flame retardants, floor polishes, household cleaners - few of which have been tested for safety.
Home2home / Wikimedia Commons

A major overhaul of a federal chemical safety law recently passed both the House and Senate with overwhelming majorities. The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act has been hailed as a bipartisan success and a major step forward. But environmental health advocates say there are still reasons for concern, or at least caution.

WCAI is launching a news series exploring where our trash goes, and where it probably shouldn’t. We call it “Waste Goes Where? A Look at our Region’s Trash Troubles.” On The Point, Mindy Todd gets a preview of the series, talking with three of the reporters who have been working on the project: Heather Goldstone, Katherine Eident, and Elsa Partan.

On The Point, an interview with Sebastian Junger on his book Tribe. The book explores what we can learn from tribal societies about loyalty, belonging, and the eternal human quest for meaning, and explains why we are stronger when we come together.  Mindy Todd hosts. Mr.

On The Point, Mindy Todd hosts a conversation with psychiatrist Marc Whaley and psychologist Michael Abbruzzese about the challenges of dealing with narcissistic personalities. These people are characterized by extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of their own talents, and a craving for admiration.

Lead author Laifang Li, with co-authors Ray Schmitt and Caroline Ummenhofer.
Jayne Doucette / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

We all love to malign the weather man. But it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the knowledge and technology that enables forecasts for not only next week, but next month and even years to come. For example, New England is expected to see a warmer – and possible wetter – than usual summer. A major factor in those kinds of predictions is typically ocean temperatures. Now, researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution say they have a better way to make seasonal rainfall predictions, and it’s based on salinity rather than temperature of the ocean.

Birds of Summer

Jun 14, 2016
J. Junker

Summer is arriving, and everywhere birds are building nests or attending to nests full of noisy chicks begging to be fed. On The Point, we hear the latest Bird News; Mindy Todd hosts Mark Faherty, Science Coordinator at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. We also hear from listeners around the area with bird questions and stories.