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WCAI's award-winning public affairs program. Every Monday The Point features Living Lab with Heather Goldstone, examining the stories behind science headlines. Tuesday through Thursday, Mindy Todd hosts a lively and informative discussion on critical issues for Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Coast. Every Friday is the News Roundup, as WCAI Senior Reporter Sean Corcoran speaks with news editors and reporters from around the region.

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The Point hosts: Mindy Todd, Heather Goldstone, and Sean Corcoran.
Credit Maura Longueil

Dan Tritle

Democratic candidates for the Cape and Islands state representative seat join Mindy Todd in The Point studio to talk over important issues in our region, including affordable housing, the drug epidemic, the environment, and the local economy. The candidates are: Dylan Fernandes, Michael Heylin, Ewell Hopkins, Jessica Lambert, and Tim Soverino.

With the median house price at $340,000 on the Cape, and significantly higher on the Islands, finding affordable housing in our region isn’t just a problem for the working poor. On The Point, we talk about different ways to create more affordable housing stock, how to help middle income families afford market rate housing, and new ideas to help the homeless. The program is in three segments: first, Affordable Housing Trusts and other funding options for middle income residents.

J. Bernier

Willets are shorebirds that arrive each spring along the Atlantic Coast and Martha’s Vineyard. Until recently, where they go in the fall and winter has been a mystery. On The Point, Mindy Todd interviews Luanne Johnson and Liz Baldwin, biologists at BioDiveristy Works: they've been on the Vineyard fitting willet with tracking devices to find out where these the birds have been. The information will be used help better protect the species.


WCAI's Sean Corcoran hosts a roundup of local and regional news with several area journalists.  Guests include: Patrick Cassidy from the Cape Cod Times; Sara Brown from the Martha's Vineyard Gazette; Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times; Ed Miller from the Provincetown Banner; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Joshua Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; and Jim DeArruda from the New Bedford Standard-Times.

J. Junker

On The Point, Sean Corcoran hosts this debate with candidates for the Barnstable County representative seat in the state senate, Julian Cyr and Shelia Lyons. We ask for their views on affordable housing, water quality, drug addiction, standardized testing in schools, the "blue economy" and the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, among other topics.



J. Junker

On The Point, a discussion about ADHD with psychiatrist Marc Whaley and psychologist Michael Abbruzzese. We hear about assessments, teachers, jobs and resources for people diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Mindy Todd hosts.

J. Junker

On The Point, our monthly garden program: Mindy Todd talks with horticulturist Roberta Clark. We get advice for plant varieties, for watering, promoting beneficial insects, and discouraging pests. We also hear from many area listeners with questions and comments related to gardening.

Daniel Colon-Ramos is associate professor of cell biology and neuroscience at Yale University.
Courtesy of Daniel Colon-Ramos

Daniel Colón-Ramos got the email just a few hours before he was due to lecture before a class of minority students in neuroscience at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), in Woods Hole. A teaching assistant had been expelled after threatening to burn a cross in front of an African-American student’s home. It’s an incident that might seem shocking to many, but to Colón-Ramos, it was the response that stood out.

Lighting has changed a lot since 1850. New Bedford has been in the thick of things, every step of the way. It began with the moniker “the city that lit the world,” earned with its leading role in the whaling industry. Later, the Whaling City became a hub of electrical manufacturing. Today, New Bedford boasts more solar power per capita than any other city in the continental United States. Still, the city is struggling to move beyond the legacy of pollution and economic challenges left bygone industries.

Wikimedia Commons

WCAI's Sean Corcoran hosts a roundup of local and regional news with several area journalists.  Guests include: George Brennan from the Cape Cod Times; Sara Brown from the Martha's Vineyard Gazette; Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times; Ann Wood from the Provincetown Banner; and Jim DeArruda from the New Bedford Standard-Times.