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WCAI's award-winning public affairs program. Every Monday The Point features Living Lab with Heather Goldstone, examining the stories behind science headlines. Tuesday through Thursday, Mindy Todd hosts a lively and informative discussion on critical issues for Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Coast. Every Friday is the News Roundup, as WCAI Senior Reporter Sean Corcoran speaks with news editors and reporters from around the region.

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The Point hosts: Mindy Todd, Heather Goldstone, and Sean Corcoran.
Credit Maura Longueil

This week on The Point

Community Leadership Institute

Since 1992, the Community Leadership Institute has been helping local leaders in learning more about the issues facing Cape Cod and the Islands, and how they can become more involved in providing needed leadership.  WCAI's Mindy Todd talks with the Institute's past president, Sean Randall.

Pamela Chatterton-Purdy

The struggles and achievements of people of color on Cape Cod are many.  A new film, “Journeys in the Light: Untold Stories of Cape Cod," recounts some of the stories.  On The Point, Mindy Todd interviews documentary filmmaker Janet Murphy Robertson

The film is scheduled to show Saturday October 10th during an open house at the Zion Union Heritage Museum in Hyannis.

Dog parks are places for dogs to socialize, and people too! Mindy Todd talks about the benefits of the dog park with Barbara Schneider, President of Falmouth Dog Parks Inc., and psychologist Michael Abruzzese.


Martha White

E.B. White’s granddaughter Martha White discusses her new book E. B. White on Dogs with Mindy Todd on The Point. The book was compiled from E. B. White's essays, poems, letters and sketches related to dogs.

Some ferns have remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. Others, like this seed fern, Neuropteris flexuosa, exist only in fossilized form.
James St. John / Wikimedia Commons

Chances are, you have a pretty good idea what a plant looks like. Roots, stems, leaves, flowers ... these are the things that make plants, plants. But it wasn’t always so.

Plants arose some 500 million years ago, and the fossil record is full of bizarre evolutionary dead-ends, as well as amazing innovations. For example, some extinct ferns looked much like modern ferns on the outside, but their insides appear jumbled. And then, there's the fact that early plants had no leaves.  


WCAI News Director Sean Corcoran hosts a discussion about the top local news stories of the week. Joining him are Patrick Cassidy of the Cape Cod Times; Jim DeArruda at the New Bedford Standard-Times; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; and Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times.


Millions of people live with various types of behavioral health issues but identifying and treating them can be a challenge; particularly if poverty, homelessness, or drug abuse are also present. In response, a coalition of Cape Cod health care providers and first responders created the Behavioral Health Summit- an annual gathering to discuss ways to better address the behavioral health needs of the Cape community. This year’s summit convenes tomorrow and the focus is building bridges to recovery.

On The Point, Mindy Todd interviews jazz vocalist Denise Donatelli. The three-time Grammy Nominee will be at the Falmouth Jazz Fest on Saturday, October 3rd to celebrate the release of her latest CD, Find a Heart.

On The Point, our book experts discuss banned books, including a little history of why certain books have been censored. Sean Corcoran hosts with guests author Peter Abrahams and Jill Erickson, librarian at Falmouth Public Library.

In October of 2012 the tall ship HMS Bounty tried to skirt Hurricane Sandy. Instead, she found her way right into the path of the storm. Michael Tougias's book, Rescue of the Bounty, Disaster and Survival in Superstorm Sandy, chronicles the events aboard the HMS Bounty and the ultimate rescue of her crew by the US Coast Guard.