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The Point hosts: Mindy Todd, Heather Goldstone, and Sean Corcoran.
Credit Maura Longueil

Modern Day Feminism

Sep 22, 2016

Are you a feminist? What does that term mean to you? In 1920 the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed, guaranteeing women the right to vote.  Ninety-six years later a woman becomes the presidential nominee of a major political party for the first time: it is a historic moment for women.

J. J.

On The Point, a discussion about eating and dieting.  Psychologist Michael Abbruzzese and psychiatrist Marc Whaley join host Sean Corcoran in the studio.  We also hear from listeners around our region about their experiences and questions related to diet.

The Cape and Island's slow transition into cooler weather is happening. On The Point, horticulturist Roberta Clark advises us on wrapping up the season in the garden. It's a perfect moment to dig up and divide overgrown perennials, and treat your plants to some mulch and compost. Amy Vince hosts.

Roger Hanlon

We all know camouflage when we see it, or when we don’t, as the case may be. But what does that actually mean?

“Qualitatively, it’s pretty easy for people to say ‘that’s camouflaged’ or ‘it’s not,’” says Roger Hanlon, a senior scientist at MBL, whose research focuses on camouflage in marine animals. “But to grade camouflage or to quantify it somehow, really has hardly ever been attempted until very recently.”

Alecia Orsini

WCAI's Kathryn Eident hosts a roundup of the week's top news.  Her guests include Patrick Cassidy of the Cape Cod Times, Jim DeArruda of the New Bedford Standard Times; Sara Brown of the Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Sam Houghton of the Mashpee Enterprise, Ryan Bray of the Falmouth Enterprise; Ed Miller of the Provincetown Banner; and Nelson Sigelman of Martha's Vineyard Times.

WCAI's Mindy Todd speaks with Cape Cod author Sally Cabot Gunning in our Woods Hole studios.  She's written a historical novel about the life of Thomas Jefferson’s daughter titled Monticello.

Sally Cabot Gunning will be giving a talk at 1:00 p.m. Saturday Sept. 17 as part of the Provincetown Book Festival.

We talk about a young Palestinian whose discovery of music changed his life and ultimately the lives of others.  Mindy Todd speaks to Sandy Tolan, a journalist and author whose work has reported and commented on Palestine and Israel for many years.  His latest book is Children of the Stone: The Power of Music in a Hard Land about an effort to build a music school in the midst of Israel’s military occupation.


A new documentary film by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Huntwatch, talks about the seal hunt in Canada, and conservationists’ efforts to ban it.  Mindy Todd’s guests in the Woods Hole studio include: Brian Davies, founder of IFAW, and one of the first to draw attention to the seal hunt; and the producers of the film Kerry Branon and Richard Moos.


Sep 14, 2016
J Junker

On The Point, a discussion about lethal cancers: lung, esophageal, and pancreatic. We learn about options for treatments, how screening methods are being improved, and why these cancers are so lethal.

Joining Mindy Todd in the studio are Dr. Ken Caswell, a radiologist at Cape Cod HealthCare, Dr. Jeff Spillane, a thoracic surgeon with Cape Cod Healthcare, and Dr. Peter Hopewood, also a surgeon at Cape Cod Healthcare.

Jeremiah Trimble

Flocks of all feathers are on the move, as the days cool and shorten. On The Point, Mark Faherty, ornithologist and science coordinator at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary,  joins our host Mindy Todd to check in about the many highlights of this exciting season for birds and their watchers.