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WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the top local and regional news of the week. His guests include: Geoff Spillane of the Cape Cod Times, Sara Brown of the Vineyard Gazette, Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle, Andy Tomolonis of South Coast Today, Ann Wood of the Provincetown Banner, and George Brennan of the Martha's Vineyard Times.

We take a trip to Melissa Caughey’s chicken coop in Barnstable to meet her flock, observe their interactions and hear their vocalizations. Melissa’s latest book is titled How to Speak Chicken, Why Your Chickens Do What they Do & Say What They Say.

Singer Songwriter Judy Collins started performing at age thirteen; six decades later, she’s still at it, performing folk, rock and roll, and show tunes. Brian Morris talks with her about her eclectic repertoire and her social activism.

We’re not just living longer than previous generations; how and where we’re living in our later years is changing as well. What are some of the reasons the life of seniors today is different from previous generations, and how are we and our communities adapting to those changes?

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In 2007 the ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico, was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. A popular tourist destination, this archaeological site once belonged to Edward Herbert Thompson (1857-1935) of West Falmouth, Massachusetts. Evan Albright has written a book, part biography, which investigates how Thompson, an archaeologist who had owned and explored Chichen Itza for nearly half a century, made one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in North America. Mr. Albright spent a decade researching his book, traveling to Mexico, Switzerland, England, and the Netherlands. Mindy Todd hosts this interview on The Point.

As wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest serving First Lady. She was also a leader in her own right, championing humanitarian and social reform issues. Much has been written about Eleanor Roosevelt’s life and activism, but the new book Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady sheds light on another aspect of her life; the 30-year relationship she had with journalist Lorena Hickok. Author Susan Quinn joins Mindy Todd for this interview.

The U.S. is a country of immigrants who often re-created a tangible piece of their homeland in the kitchen: Italian sausage, German Schnitzel, Jewish Kugel, and so many other flavors. On The Point, we talk about the influence of immigrant cuisine on American foods and food traditions. 

On The Point, we take a closer look at the dictionary. What insight can dictionaries give us about society and our history? What’s the process for words to be included in a dictionary? Are words ever removed? Steve Kleinedler is the executive editor for the American Heritage Dictionary and he joins us from the studios of WHYY in Philadelphia. Mindy Todd hosts.



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WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the top local and regional news of the week. His guests include: Cindy McCormick of the Cape Cod Times; Sara Brown of the Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Ann Wood of the Provincetown Banner; George Brennan of the Martha's Vineyard Times; and Josh Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror.

On The Point, Larry Tye joins host Mindy Todd to talk about his new book Bobby Kennedy, the Making of Liberal Icon. Known as a civil rights leader and advocate for the poor, the lesser known Bobby Kennedy worked for Joe McCarthy and employed questionable tactics to help his brother get elected. We talk about the transformation of a privileged young man, ill qualified for his early positions in government, into the principled, articulate and passionate candidate for president.