Students Ask Us to 'Skip the Straw'

Mar 29, 2018

Plastic is everywhere. Try to think of an item you use regularly that doesn’t contain some bit of plastic. Single use items are increasingly made up of plastic- think shopping bags, water bottles, drinking straws. A downside to plastic is that we end up with an abundance of used plastic items that either can’t be or are not recycled. A great deal of that used plastic ends up as pollution.

A group of Cape Cod teens is committed to reducing the use of one kind of single use plastic items. We talk with two members of the group, Ursula Junker and Sadie Leveque, about their Skip the Straw Campaign.


CARE for the Cape and Islands recently launched a coordinated effort to help reduce the use of plastic straws and other single-use plastic items throughout the Cape and Islands. CARE is working to connect all of the existing groups to bring a unified message to local businesses and our visitors. 

Dr. Kara Lavender Law​, a research professor at Sea Education Association will be giving a talk on Thursday, March 29) at 7:30 titled "Ocean Plastics Pollution from Sources to Solutions" at Falmouth Public Library.