Local Human Rights Academy Takes On Injustice

Feb 14, 2018

Each year students from all across the Cape convene to identify human rights injustices. Students then return to their communities to develop and implement ways to address the injustice. On The Point, we talk with students about their experiences in the Academy and some of the projects and events they’ve organized in response to human rights injustice here and around the world. 

Guests for this program are as follows: Kate Epperly, Vice Chair of  the Barnstable County Human Rights Commission. Larry Brown, Humanities Teacher at Cape Cod Academy. Ashley Guay and Ryan Edmonds, both seniors at Cape Cod Academy and members of the Human Rights Academy. Isabel Pellegrini and Myles Pellegrini, both Seniors at Nauset High School and the current and the past President of Human Rights Academy. Kayleigh Brown, 8th grader at Provincetown Schools and a member of Human Rights Academy. 

Here's a link to Nauset Human Rights Academy.

Follow this link for more information about the benefit concert Shelter from the Storm, coming up on February 16 at Cape Cod Academy.