Controvery over Mopeds on Martha's Vineyard

Mar 9, 2017

Last summer on Martha’s Vineyard, a 19-year old visitor to the Island lost part of her leg in a moped accident. The incident renewed calls for a closer look at the safety and licensing of moped rentals on the Island. Leading the call is a group called MADAC, an acronym for “Mopeds Are Dangerous Action Committee.”   In the studio, Mindy Todd's guests are Nicole Friedler Brisson, one of the founders of MADAC; and Tim Rich, acting police chief of Chilmark, and also a member of MADAC,

We did reach out to the town administrator in Oak Bluffs as well as the owner of moped rental companies in Oak Bluffs with an invitation to join the show or to give us their comments but we didn’t hear back.