Anglers Behaving Strangely? Must Be the Season of the Funny Fish

Sep 2, 2016

There are fishermen who wait all fishing season, it seems, for just this time of year. The end of August and beginning of September mean it's time for the arrival of false albacore - also known as the funny fish.

False albacore belong to the family of tuna and mackerel. They're furious swimmers, fast and strong, and notoriously picky when it comes to taking a lure. Cape Cod serves as the northernmost point of their migration along the east coast. In our waters we see them in the 5-10 lb range.

Local fishermen prize them for the challenge they provide. They're known for driving fishermen crazy - thus, the "funny fish." Albies surface briefly, feeding in a frenzy, and then disappear. Fishermen will tell you they have great eyesight, which means they're not so easy to fool with a lure. And when you do get one on, they take off like a rocket.  

This week on The Fishing News, Kevin Blinkoff of On The Water magazine previews the season of funny fish, telling us where we should be looking, and how we want to fish them. Also, we round-up the weekly fishing action. It's all in the audio below - give it a listen.