Viki Merrick


Viki produces WCAI's Arts and Ideas hosted by Jay Allison and is the Associate Director of Atlantic Public Media (APM), our production partners in Woods Hole.  Together with Jay Allison and Atlantic Public Media she produces the Sonic ID's, the Local Food Report, One Species at a Time and essays for local and national broadcast.  

She began as a radio stringer for ABC News in Rome, Italy, while working as a location/production manager for film documentaries.  Viki is an editor for, the first website awarded a Peabody and a collaborator on four Peabody Award-winning series, Lost & Found Sound ,The Sonic Memorial Project, and The Moth Radio Hour. She was the Senior Editor on the NPR series This I Believe and is currently helping to produce The Moth Radio Hour.


Arts and ideas
6:23 pm
Sun April 20, 2014

Arts + Ideas ~ April 20, 2014

7pm When Words Matter - poets across the country talk about the craft - State of the REunion

8pm ReSound:  from the THird Coast Internation Audio Festival: Stories of Colors

9pm The WCAI Playlist - 99% Invisible ( I heart NY), Chrisotpher Lydon ( Emmerson's Woods), Criminal (Call Your Mom)

10pm Les Paul - The life and Legend from the New Jazz Archive

Arts and ideas
6:38 pm
Sun March 9, 2014

Arts and Ideas ~ March 8, 2014

7pm The Moth Radio Hour - Korea, Colons, Pickups and Pranks

8pm WCAI GRAB BAG:  Other People's Stories,  The Unbuilt, The Rise and Fall of Thomas Ava Edison

9pm The History of U.S. currency and the future of Bitcoin - The American History Guys

10pm Frank Zappa ~ his complicated life and music - New Jazz Archive

Arts and ideas
2:23 pm
Sat March 1, 2014

Arts & Ideas ~ March 2, 2014

7pm Reel to Reel - The Backstory goes to the Oscars

8pm Adapting to Climate Change: ambitious solutions

9pm Reveal: An investigative series - The Heroin Highway

10pm Snap Judgment: Artificial Intelligence - stortyelling with a beat

Arts and ideas
6:26 pm
Sun January 12, 2014

Arts and Ideas ~ January 12, 2014

7pm Redefining Black History: State of the Re:Union

8pm NPR's Debate series: Abolish Minimum Wage

9pm Bird Lives! Part 2 of NPR's Jazz profile of Charlie Parker

10pm Snap Judgment: Lemonade - storytelling with a beat

Arts and ideas
2:03 pm
Sun January 5, 2014

Arts and Ideas with Jay Allison

Passions and Protons - A new Moth Radio Hour !  Then Charlie "Bird" Parker the king of Bebop and later.. Boston comedian Jimmy Tingle making comic sense of 2013

7pm Passions and Protons ~  A new Moth Radio Hour !

8pm Heaven on Earth- The Backstory on American Utopias

9pm Bird Lives! - Charlie Bird Paker: king of Bebop Part I

10pm Jimmy Tingle making comic sense of 2013

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10:37 am
Tue November 19, 2013

Transom Story Workshop Listening Event

Come enjoy an evening of great stories. The Transom Story Workshop presents a free public listening event on Thursday, November 21st, 7pm at the Community Hall in Woods Hole. Listen to pieces the students have made as they’ve traveled around the South Coast and the Cape and Islands collecting stories. Maybe they talked to you!  

The event is free, but seats fill up fast - so come early. For more information go to

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Arts and Ideas
6:23 pm
Sun November 10, 2013

Arts and Ideas with Jay Allison

Edgy podcasts, story telling, cutting edge interviews and interviews  - a PRX REMIX is a great mix !  Jerry Seinfeld in conversation with Alec Baldwin - Here's the Thing

7pm PRX REMIX - a curated mix of edgy podcasts, cutting edge lectures, interviews and mor

8pm  Coming Home: The Backstory   on Veterans from The American History Guys

9pm Here's The Thing:  Alec Baldwin in conversation with Jerry Seinfeld

10pm Snap Judgment: The Great Outdoors

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Arts and Ideas
3:38 pm
Sun October 27, 2013

Arts and Ideas ~ October 27, 2013

7pm Family photos, Legos, Grandmothers and Revenge - An New Moth  Radio Hour

8pm The TED Radio Hour - Turning Points

9pm The MVY Music Hour with host Barbara Dacey

10pm Here's the Thing: Alec Baldwin with  Fred Armisen and Paula Pell of SNL

Arts and Ideas
10:32 am
Thu October 24, 2013

Arts and Ideas ~ October 20, 2013

7pm   Ionesco, Voodoo and Therapy - A new Moth Radio Hour

8pm Reveal: There's more to the story: A new show from the Center for Investigative Reporting

9pm America Abroad ~ Egypt: The Struggle for Democracy

10pm Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin talking with Chris Colombus and Stephen Daldry

Arts and Ideas
6:19 pm
Sun October 6, 2013

Arts and Ideas ~ October 6, 2013

7pm The TED Radio Hour: Collaboration

8pm Here's the Thing : Alec Baldwin with Martin Horn and Robert Lustig

9pm Thoughtcast: Orphaned Black Bears and Cosmic Evolution

10pm Snap Jdgment: Losing my Religion