Viki Merrick


Viki produces WCAI's Arts and Ideas hosted by Jay Allison and is the Associate Director of Atlantic Public Media (APM), our production partners in Woods Hole.  Together with Jay Allison and Atlantic Public Media she produces the Sonic ID's, the Local Food Report, One Species at a Time and essays for local and national broadcast.  

She began as a radio stringer for ABC News in Rome, Italy, while working as a location/production manager for film documentaries.  Viki is an editor for, the first website awarded a Peabody and a collaborator on four Peabody Award-winning series, Lost & Found Sound ,The Sonic Memorial Project, and The Moth Radio Hour. She was the Senior Editor on the NPR series This I Believe and is currently helping to produce The Moth Radio Hour.

Ways to Connect

7pm States' Rights confronting Federal Government - Truth Politics and Power

8pm Shackled Legacy: Universities and the Slave Trade

9pm  Celebrating Linda Ronstadt's 50 yr career

10pm  PRX Remix

David Haddad

David Haddad started a series of pop-up dinners a couple years ago called The Gathered Table. I went to one recently and was totally smitten by the variety of local wild foods used as accents or vehicles for infusing flavor. Bayberry for smoking, or using the buds brined for capers, Beach Rose, Beach peas, spruce tips... 

Elisabeth Swan, 2017

Here’s what I know about asparagus: it’s delicious, usually green, and, most importantly for us, my friend Scott Britton grows it in North Falmouth. But his doesn’t look anything like the tidy bundles you find in the supermarket. And it sure doesn’t taste like supermarket asparagus—which is exactly what led Scott and his wife Liz to growing their own. It all started when  some friends gave them some wild asparagus….

7pm Coney Island, Bellevue Hospital and Supermarkets: The Moth Radio Hour - produced here by us !

8pm King's Last March - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's last and most challenging year

9pm Policing is Racially Biased -  The premise on NPR's Debate Series.

10pm PRX Remix - good stories on shuffle

7pm The Moth Radio Hour - live from Boston

8pm Truth, Politics and Power: An Inauguration Special -with Neal Conan

9pm A Symphony of Brotherhood: Music in the life  and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

10pm Gospel from Boston: Christopher Lydon in Conversation

7pm   Freakonomics: Racial Profiling in Restaurants

8pm   America Abroad: America's Bond with Israel

9pm  Paul Simon 2000: A tour of his work in this century

10pm PRX Remix - Good stories on shuffle

 7pm The Moth Radio Hour - Stories from L.A

8pm  America Abroad: US Foreign Policy and the Next President 

9pm The College Remedial Education Trap

10pm PRX Remix: Good stories on shuffle

7pm The Moth Radio Hour - Sewing, Singing, Suits and Cemeteries (1603)  produced here !

8pm King Stories: the personal side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

9pm  Freakonomics: Migration - good economic and moral policy ? 

10pm  Ten from David: An appreciation of David Bowie 

7pm: The Moth Radio Hour - Live from NYC

8pm Born to Live - Studs Turkel

9pm: Freakonomics - more on sleep and how it affects our finances

10pm PRX Remix

7pm The Art of Wildness – In the wake of the Paris Accord and economist thought, Christopher Lydon is in conversation – asking what the artists would do.

8pm Freakonomics Radio ferreting out connections between seemingly unrelated things. This week: WHy People Keep Having Children

9pm Life of the Law – live at San Quentin  - Stories from  inmates and returning inmates, staff and volunteers, about the community that sustains them.