Steve Junker

All Things Considered Host, Producer

Steve is a regular host of All Things Considered and Weekend Edition Saturday. He came to WCAI in 2007. In addition to hosting, he also produces The Fishing News, Weekend Outlook, and contributes to Creative Life. And he manages the website, too.

A writer, a fisherman, an occasional boat builder, a recovering musician, a longtime chicken rancher, a beekeeper... Steve keeps busy in Woods Hole, where he lives with his wife and two children.



Weekend Outlook
11:21 am
Sat November 22, 2014

Illumination of Pilgrim Monument a Highlight of Thanksgiving Week

Credit Cape Cod Times

Goodbye unseasonably cold weather - now let's go have fun. Here's your rundown of what's happening around the Cape and Islands. 

Local comedians face off in the Comedy Competition New England in Wareham.

A lot of Cape churches hold holiday fairs, and you can find a listing of them here.

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Power Source: Part 2
7:33 am
Tue November 18, 2014

Changing Your Life to Use Less Energy

Choosing to live simply and off the grid, Chuck Cole uses a series of marine batteries and a single solar panel to provide all his electricity.
Credit Steve Junker / WCAI

Here’s a question for you: how much electricity did you use last month? That’s not how much did you pay on your electric bill – but how much electric power did you use?

If you're serious about using less, a good place to start is to understand how much you already consume.

In Falmouth I sat at the kitchen table with Ben and Kellie Porter and their two young children, as Ben opened his laptop to examine the family electric bill.

“It was 600 last month, 700 in July," he said. "Middle of the winter it was down to 400.  So between 600 and 400. Then July - big month.”   

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Weekend Outlook
1:50 pm
Fri November 7, 2014

We're Going to Need A Bigger Weekend: Musicals and Theatricals Abound on Cape Cod

The Wizard of Oz opens at the Falmouth Theater Guild, highlighting a weekend of extraordinary abundance for theater productions in the region.
Credit Katy Paul

Eight theater shows are opening this weekend, two more are continuing, and another opens next weekend - is this November or mid-July? Theater lovers have an abundance of choice to enjoy. Here are the shows. First the musicals:

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Weekend Outlook
10:25 am
Fri October 31, 2014

Maria Muldaur Celebrates a Long Career, & more: Best Bets for the Weekend

Singer Maria Muldaur celebrates her long career this Saturday in Wellfleet.

Yes, it is Halloween - and there's plenty of Halloween fun to be had. The Cotuit Center for the Arts hosts its 14th annual masquerade ball. This year's theme? Outer Space Spooktacular. Come, all space aliens...

Singer Siobhan Magnus is hosting her own Halloween party in Plymouth - it's got music, fun, and a movie.

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Weekend Outlook
11:12 am
Sat October 25, 2014

Getting Spooky! Halloween Events to Put a Thrill in Your Weekend

The Phantom of the Opera is screening with an original score performed live at the Cape Cinema.

This is the last weekend before Halloween - so don't let it slip away without a giving yourself a little Halloween thrill.

The Drama Club at Barnstable High School welcomes you to a "Haunted Schoolhouse" that features a homecoming dance "gone terribly wrong" - and other ghoulish and imaginative horrors. 

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Weekend Outlook
11:12 am
Sat October 18, 2014

Wellfleet Celebrates All Things Oyster, & more: Best Bets for the Weekend

Wellfleet hosts the annual Oysterfest this weekend.
Credit Steve Heaslip / / Cape Cod Times

Feeling the stirrings of hunger? Head to the Outer Cape to join the multitudes who love to eat and talk about that delicious - slurp! - bivalve whose name is just about synonymous with Wellfleet - it's Wellfleet Oysterfest weekend.

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Weekend Outlook
11:13 am
Sat October 11, 2014

Celebrating Vonnegut, & more: Best Bets for the Weekend

Kurt Vonnegut in Barnstable in 2006
Credit Courtesy Edie Vonnegut

You want to step out this weekend? You're in luck. There's plenty to do.

Famed author Kurt Vonnegut lived for decades in Barnstable, and this weekend brings three days of festivities in town to celebrate that literary connection.

Cape Symphony is stepping back in time to the era of World War II for its shows this weekend, called Radio Days.

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Weekend Outlook
10:52 am
Sat September 27, 2014

JazzFest Falmouth is Bigger Than Ever, & more: Best Bets for the Weekend

The New Black Eagles Jazz Band perform at Woods Hole Community Hall as part of this year's JazzFest Falmouth.
Credit New Black Eagles Jazz Band

Hey you gorgeous weekend, let's go out and have fun. 

Music, film, beer, theater -  take your pick of activities to explore. JazzFest Falmouth starts this weekend, and there are more events planned than ever, because now the festival runs more days than ever. Enjoy the Jazz Stroll, and the New Black Eagles Jazz Band at Woods Hole Community Hall is a show not to miss for sure.

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Fishing News
3:09 pm
Fri September 26, 2014

Big Bass, Tautog, (Even Trout!).... Fall Fishing Offers Much to Anticipate

Tautog are fish to make dentists smile and give the rest of us the creeps - they have eerily human teeth. This tog evidently has been taking good care of its teeth, maybe even whitening.

Large striped bass pushing through our waters, big-as-a-horse bluefish (well, almost...), those bottom-dwelling brutes called tautog... summer may be over, but the fall offers plenty of great fishing to look forward to.

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Fishing News
3:24 pm
Fri September 19, 2014

Why Fishermen Love (and Hate) Fishing with Eels

Credit Clinton & Charles Robertson / flickr

A live eel can be the very best thing to put on the end of your line, if you're searching for a big late-season striped bass. But it can also make your life miserable.

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