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Steve is a regular host of All Things Considered and Weekend Edition Saturday. He came to WCAI in 2007. In addition to hosting, he also produces The Fishing News, Weekend Outlook, and contributes to Creative Life. And he manages the website, too.

A writer, a fisherman, an occasional boat builder, a recovering musician, a longtime chicken rancher, a beekeeper... Steve keeps busy in Woods Hole, where he lives with his wife and two children.


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funny or die

Comedian, actor, and former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host, Colin Quinn is coming to the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford on October 10th. Speaking with Steve Junker on All Things Considered, he had a few things to get off his mind about the extremism of social media, and the personalities of the cities on the Northeast Corridor. (Yes, he did call Philadelphia a "prison town.")

The conversation is posted here - give it a listen. 

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Want to hone your Davy Crockett-style tracking skills? Head to Harwich this Saturday, where the Harwich Conservation Trust presents naturalist and tracking instructor Todd Kelley for a workshop on how to identify wildlife and their tracks by interpreting the clues they leave behind.

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As we head into the last weekend of September, local anglers are looking toward the fall run, when fish migrating southward will pass through our waters. The question every year is: will the fall run be a good one?

Judging by how this season has set-up, there's reason to believe this fall could bring great fishing. / CC BY-SA 2.5

Off the tip of Cape Cod right now there’s plenty of excitement over bluefin tuna. Anglers looking for a thrill have been going for bluefin not with old-school fighting chairs and broomstick rods, but with spinning tackle, something like you would use for striped bass, beefed up just a little.

A Guitar Every Day

Sep 14, 2015
stephanie carter / flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

Arlen Roth talks about the emotional need to play guitar - and how he keeps his playing fresh.

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False albacore – or albies – are built for speed. They surface here briefly, then disappear, then re-surface way over there. So why would you go fishing for them from a kayak?

For the thrill and the challenge, obviously.

Cape Cod Times/Merrily Cassidy

Dog-lovers should to head to the Cape Cod Fairgrounds this weekend, as more than 900 dogs of many breeds compete in the annual Cranberry Cluster All-Breed Dog Shows.

Chomiji / flickr / CC2.0

This weekend may be what many people consider the unofficial end of summer, but there is plenty going on both this weekend and on into the fall. Here's a preview.

Public Herald / flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

There is some wildly good fishing going on now, mostly thanks to the abundance of bait in the water – especially all that peanut bunker. We’re seeing albies on the south side, bluefish in Buzzards Bay, and striped bass in Cape Cod Bay and the Canal. And some spectacular blitzes are popping up, especially for false albacore.