Steve Junker

All Things Considered Host, Producer

Steve is a regular host of All Things Considered and Weekend Edition Saturday. He came to WCAI in 2007. In addition to hosting, he also produces The Fishing News, Weekend Outlook, and contributes to Creative Life. And he manages the website, too.

A writer, a fisherman, an occasional boat builder, a recovering musician, a longtime chicken rancher, a beekeeper... Steve keeps busy in Woods Hole, where he lives with his wife and two children.


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J. Junker

After the mild winter, when schoolie bass started showing up off Martha's Vineyard in April it seemed promising of an early start to the fishing season. But the bigger stripers have taken their time following their younger kin, and now the season finds us just about exactly where we usually are: looking for bigger fish to arrive in Cape Cod waters with the end of May.

Leonard J Matthews / flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

You may think of rubber ducks as baby’s toys in the bathtub, but a big flock of them are going to get into the Bass River Saturday for a good cause.


Here in Far West Texas, the radio sign-off is: "From the Border to the Basin, this is Radio for a Wide Range." Translation? From the U.S.-Mexico borderlands of the Rio Grande, to the Permian Basin (the vast oil-producing flatlands that stretch from Texas into New Mexico). And now, as we sign off on our first-of-its-kind Radio Exchange experiment, here are some last thoughts on the experience.

S. Junker

On Cape Cod pickup trucks don't typically last long enough to acquire the elegance and patina of age. The salty air and salted winter roads destroy them. But in Marfa, Texas, pickup trucks of great character and age are everywhere. As part of our Radio Exchange project with Marfa Public Radio, Steve Junker sent us 25 photos of fine trucks from around Marfa. View them all here.


As week 2 of our first-of-its-kind Radio Exchange experiment comes to a close, Steve Junker and Travis Bubenik check in to hear about impressions, experiences, and issues where the communities of Cape Cod and West Texas face similar challenges.    

Here's Steve speaking with Travis for broadcast on WCAI.

And here's Travis speaking with Steve for broadcast on Marfa Public Radio.

Marfa's Big Question

Apr 27, 2016

Here’s the question I get most often as I meet people in Marfa: “Where are you staying?”

At first I thought it was just making conversation. But I’ve come to realize the question carries unusual intensity.  

“Where are you staying?” it turns out, is a fundamental quandary in this town.

S. Junker

This week WCAI and Marfa Public Radio launched a first-of-its-kind host exchange experiment. The two hosts, Steve Junker and Travis Bubenik, interviewed each other as the first week came to a close, to compare thoughts and impressions.  


Just how big is West Texas? Presidio County, of which Marfa is the county seat, and neighboring Brewster County together stretch more than 10,000 square miles along the Rio Grande. By comparison, the state of Rhode Island is barely 1,200 square miles. And Cape Cod? All of 339 square miles.

Michael Craughwell is a welder. He was born in Galway, Ireland, but now lives in West Tisbury with his wife, a Martha’s Vineyard native, and their two small children. For our series Creative Life, Steve Junker paid him a visit.

From storytelling to studying sea creatures to learning about antiques, there's plenty to do this weekend.