Steve Junker

All Things Considered Host, Producer

Steve is a regular host of All Things Considered and Weekend Edition Saturday. He came to WCAI in 2007. In addition to hosting, he also produces The Fishing News, Weekend Outlook, and contributes to Creative Life. And he manages the website, too.

A writer, a fisherman, an occasional boat builder, a recovering musician, a longtime chicken rancher, a beekeeper... Steve keeps busy in Woods Hole, where he lives with his wife and two children.



The Fishing News
1:13 pm
Fri August 22, 2014

3 Bonito Hotspots Lure Anglers South of the Cape

The sandy shoal known as Hedge Fence, just north of Oak Bluffs, is a popular spot to fish bonito.

"Have you heard about bonito? Are they here yet?"

That's the refrain passing between fishermen as August enters its final weeks. Bonito are a passion for many anglers, and they only arrive at this time of the season.

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Weekend Outlook
5:09 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

Scrawl on the Wall at the Provincetown Library, and other Best Bets for the Weekend

Artist Terry Catalano continues an art project in interactive graffiti at the Provincetown Library on Friday.

Who says summer's end is within sight? Plenty of great outdoor events continue across the Cape and Islands this weekend. The Cape Cod Five Pops in the Park celebrates its 25th anniversary concert this Saturday with maestro Jung Ho Pak, and vocal contributions from, among others, Dennis-Yarmouth grad Fred Inkley. As part of an art project, visitors to the Provincetown Library will be encouraged to do something unusual – scrawl some graffiti!

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The Fishing News
7:30 am
Fri August 15, 2014

A Monster Fish Just Took Your Bait and All Your Line. Whoa! What Was It? Here Are a Few Suspects.

Angler Tyler Contento recently landed this Spiny Butterfly Ray while shark fishing from a beach in New Jersey. It measured more than 7 feet across. Spiny Butterfly Rays are found in Cape Cod waters, but are landed only infrequently. This ray was safely released after the photo.
Credit Tyler Contento / Facebook

Everyone who’s ever gone fishing knows the anguish of losing a fish - and there are many ways to lose a fish. But perhaps the most mysterious way is getting spooled. 

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Fishing News
7:35 am
Fri August 8, 2014

Catching Tuna on Light Tackle: South of the Vineyard the Bite is On

Credit Tom Puchner / fickr

Fishing for tuna doesn't always mean a trip to Stellwagen Bank and lashing yourself to the fighting chair to do battle with a 600-lb fish. South of Martha's Vineyard the action is very good this season for smaller bluefin, in the 40-lb range, from 40-to-45".  I spoke with Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water Magazine, about a recent trip to target these "football" bluefin. Heading 10 to 15 miles south of the Vineyard, the crew was fishing in depths of about 140 feet.

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Weekend Outlook
9:27 am
Sat August 2, 2014

Music, Film, and Street Festivals Highlight Weekend Activities

Irish tenor Anthony Kearns performs this weekend in Harwich.
Credit Marty LeVor

The weather forecast may not corroborate this - but this weekend should be great, if you're heading out to enjoy music, film, or theater. There is a lot going on. There’s a new music festival launching in our corner of the world, and it’s on Nantucket - the Nantucket Music Festival has almost twenty acts and two days of music.

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Fishing News
7:28 am
Fri August 1, 2014

How to Make the Most of Fishing While on Your Vacation

This guy knows where to head for great local fishing action.
Credit Denise Pichirallo / flickr

  Lucky you, you're in this beautiful part of the world for a few precious days or weeks of vacation. And you've got an itch to go fishing. Maybe you want to get the whole family involved (great idea!). You've got just one question: "Where do I start?"

Kevin Blinkoff, editor of On The Water magazine, says it's a question he hears a lot. So he's got a high-level-bullet list of suggestions to get you where you want to go. That is, catching fish while enjoying your vacation.

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Correspondent to the Musical Spheres
10:44 pm
Thu July 31, 2014

This Time, He's in the Right Place at the Right Time

Dr. John will be on the Cape, performing at the Payomet Performing Arts Center, on Monday August 4.
Credit Martijn / flickr

Oh that voice! Dr. John claims foremost to be a pianist, master of boogie-woogie, blues, and Cajun swing - but it's his voice that makes him unforgettable. It's a honk, a growl, playful and tipsy and engagingly surly.

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The Fishing News
6:18 pm
Fri July 25, 2014

Use Your Smartphone to Weigh a Striped Bass, and Other Innovations for Fishing

Okay, I know that's not a striped bass. But it's the picture provided by the company that makes the Measure It FishScale. They sell the device, you supply the striper.

The pressures of constant innovation extend even to the timeless pleasure of fishing.  

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Fishing News
2:26 pm
Fri July 18, 2014

Every Now and Then... Strange Fish Appear in Cape Cod Waters

Captain Nat Chalkley, of Get the Net Charters, with the 36-inch cobia he caught while striper fishing this week.
Credit Nat Chalkley /

Every now and then a local angler happily pulls up a fish, only to discover that what's on the hook was not what was expected. 

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Weekend Outlook
11:01 am
Fri July 18, 2014

Circus Smirkus Brings the Big Top to Sandwich, & more: Best Bets for Going Out

Circus Smirkus sets up the Big Top Tent in Sandwich for three days, from the 21st to the 23rd, presenting its new program, Anchors Away for Atlantis.

The whitewater rapids of summer keep racing us forward, swooshing from one great event to the next fun activity. In Centerville this weekend you can eat your fill of baklava and souvlaki, plus get your dance on, with the Grecian Festival. Falmouth presents the Cultural Survival Bazaar, with great food and cultural crafts from around the world.

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