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When Greg Morris became a landscaper, he decided he wanted to pursue something that few people in his industry get: total creative freedom. In his forty years of landscaping, Greg has never drawn a plan for a client’s approval. Instead, he just asks his customers to trust him. From there, his process unfolds.

Poetry Sunday: Edward Wanamaker

Feb 4, 2018

Edward Wanamaker reads his poem, "Higher."


WCAI News Director Steve Junker hosts a roundup of some of the top local and regional news of the week. His guests include: Patrick Cassidy of the Cape Cod Times, Sara Brown of the Vineyard Gazette, Josh Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle, Ed Miller of the Provincetown Banner, Barry Stringfellow of the Martha's Vineyard Times, and Andy Tomolonis of South Coast Today.

Cape Cod Times

There's lots of things to do this weekend that don't involve football (and many won't interfere with watching the actual game!) Here's your Weekend Outlook. 

Seventh graders Simone Rein Bosworth and Tashiana Lynch are standing in Nauset Middle school’s 30 by 50 foot greenhouse, peering into a microscope...

On The Point, a conversation with Hedwig Rose, who survived the holocaust hiding in an Amsterdam cellar. Of the 140,000 Jews who lived in the Netherlands before 1940, only 30,000 survived the war. Hedwig “Hedy” Rose was one of those survivors who, at age 5, hid in a cellar with her mother and older sister. Mindy Todd hosts.

Our monthly books program on The Point is dedicated to "Trees and Forests." From history to poetry, we explore the many ways these organisms have figured in literature and in life. Our guests in the studio are Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at Falmouth Public Library, and Dennis Minsky, Naturalist on the Dolphin Whale Watch and member of the Provincetown Tree Advisory Group. Mindy Todd hosts.

Superb Owl

Jan 31, 2018

Are you ready for the Superb Owl? While you Stephen Colbert fans and meme-savvy denizens of Facebook are already rolling your eyes, and saying things like “that’s so four years ago”, you may be surprised to know how many people are unfamiliar with the Superb Owl. 

A growing body of evidence shows links between childhood adversity and illness, both physical and psychological. Research also shows adults who experienced toxic stress as children are at greater risk for chronic disease. Mindy Todd speaks with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, a pediatrician and the founder and CEO of the Center for Wellness. She’s pioneering efforts to determine how toxic stress impacts children and how to identify and treat children before lasting damage is done.

I seldom ride the Flex bus, which, for those of you not familiar with it, is that part of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority that serves passengers from Harwich to Provincetown.  Despite being a strong believer in public mass transport, I have tended to view the Flex bus more as a well-intentioned gesture rather than something that fulfills a real need. 

Chatham Historical Society

In May, 1915, a German U-boat sank the ocean liner Lusitania, killing almost 1,200 people and causing great alarm throughout the U-S shipping industry, where vessels were suddenly vulnerable up and down the Atlantic seaboard. The government responded by setting up a series of air stations along the east coast to defend against the growing threat. One of these facilities was built on a flat, 20-acre site in North Chatham.

Shaughnessy Naughton was a chemist and entrepreneur, before she decided to run for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th District. That was 2014. By 2016, she had founded an organization aimed at helping other scientists run for office.

It’s no secret that the lobster fishery in southern New England is in trouble. The population has declined by almost eighty percent in the past few decades. In contrast, lobsters in the Gulf of Maine have exploded and the fishery has seen record landings. So, what gives? 

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The conventional wisdom in sports is that offense may get the glory, but defense wins championships. That’s not great news for the Patriots, who are a stronger offensive team. But Mark Otten, who heads the sports psychology laboratory at California State University at Northridge, says “Pats fans should not despair.”

The White House /

The federal government employs a surprising number of scientists. In addition to the thousands of researchers at federal laboratories, there are hundreds of scientific advisory committees, and eighty-three high-level science appointees. At the one year mark, President Trump is way behind his predecessors - either Obama or G.W. Bush – in filling those.