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Monika Woods is a classical clarinetist from Transylvania. After studying clarinet in conservatory for over a decade, she fell in love, started a family, and moved to the Cape in 2006. But the move posed a challenge to her plans for a career as a professional musician. 

Poetry Sunday: Heidi Stahl

Apr 9, 2017
Dan Tritle

Heidi Stahl reads her poem, "Ash Fool."

CCS, NOAA Permit 19315

This week saw a season high for the number of endangered North Atlantic right whales spotted in Cape Cod Bay, including two new-of-the-year calves. It's the second-largest reported aggregation, behind only last year. 

Cape Cod Times

WCAI's Brian Morris hosts the Weekly News Roundup, a look at some of the top stories of the week.

Tom Dresser

Martha's Vineyard historian and author Tom Dresser has unearthed nearly forgotten and little-known stories that laid the foundations for the community that is now Martha's Vineyard.  He talks to Mindy Todd in the studio about his new book, Hidden History of Martha's Vineyard.

J. Junker

On The Point, the International Fund for Animal Welfare shares a new report on the correlation between human happiness and animal welfare. It's titled Measuring What Matters: True Wellbeing for Animals and People.  The co-author, Beth Allgood, who is also the US County Director of IFAW, joins host Mindy Todd for this interview.




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It’s seed ordering time again. While the cold blows in under the doors and through cracks in the windows, the catalogs pour in through the mail. And it’s time to start thinking about this year’s gardens. What are we going to plant? Well, together with his wife, Peter Staaterman runs Longnook Meadows Farm in Truro, and he has an idea.

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Astronaut and Cape Codder Daniel Burbank talks about space travel and his experience of life at the International Space Station. Burbank, of Yarmouth Port, has logged a total of 188 days in space, and 7 hours 11 minutes of space walk time. He’ll be giving a public talk Wednesday April 5th at 3pm at Cape Cod Community College.


Mark Faherty

A few weeks ago I got a call to fill in for a colleague leading a Mass Audubon birding cruise on the Peruvian Amazon leaving on March 24. The prospect was daunting – the field guide to the birds of Peru has the heft of an unabridged dictionary, and I had just a week to prepare. At around 1800 species, Peru is neck and neck with Columbia for most bird species of any country in the world. 

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A trip to Sarasota allowed naturalist Robert Finch an opportunity to take up a type of leisure that he wouldn't normally consider at home, including sunbathing poolside and watching golfers and sandhill cranes on the links.  He writes about it in this week's Cape Cod Notebook.