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I met American expats Jessica Walker and Andy McClure at le Square Gardette restaurant in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Walker and McClure are good friends who both live near the area here that was attack on Nov. 13.

Walker is a consultant who grew up in Boston and has been calling Paris home for 11 years. She was playing tennis on the other side of town that fateful night. So she found out about the attacks when she called her relatives in Boston. They were watching the news on CNN.

Urban foraging might call to mind images of hipsters picking food out of the trash.

But one group in Massachusetts eats only the finest, freshest produce. The League of Urban Canners harvests fruit from trees in Cambridge and Somerville and turns it into jam.

Sam Christy, a local high school teacher, started the league four years ago.

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Stephane de Sakutin/Pool/Reuters

The President of France is continuing his quest to create a grand alliance against ISIS, following the massacres in Paris on Nov. 13.

Earlier this week, François Hollande met with Barack Obama in Washington. On Thursday he went to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin.

“Mr. Putin’s been saying the same kind of thing for the last couple of weeks,” says Moscow-based reporter, Charles Maynes.

France and Russia have both suffered from ISIS violence recently. France — with the attacks on Paris, and Russia with the bombing of an airliner over Egypt barely a week before that.

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When his cellphone rang Friday night, on Nov. 13, Joel Touitou Laloux didn't answer. The sun had long since set, the Jewish Sabbath was under way, and he doesn't use electronics on Shabbat.

He recognized the number. One of his sons was calling from Paris. Laloux, who managed the Bataclan theater for decades until he and his family sold it in September, now lives in Ashdod, a coastal city in southern Israel.

Finally, after his son's number flashed three or four times, Laloux answered.

This time of year we tend to do a lot of writing about food. Usually we describe delicious dishes that remind us of home and our favorite family traditions, but there's something missing from that conversation: the tale of the kitchen disaster, the wreck, the unsalvageable mess for which the only remedy is take-out.

To fully appreciate the special anguish that is a home-cooked meal gone wrong, we've asked three people with particular knowledge in this area to tell us about their worst-ever kitchen debacles.

For high school students looking to choose a college, grade point averages and test scores may weigh heavy on their minds. But campus atmosphere may not be far behind given recent demonstrations on college campuses across the country.

Students at the University of Missouri's flagship campus in Columbia were the forefront of a wave of protests over racist incidents and the reaction of school officials. For some high school students, those protests make racial relations factor highly in their college search.

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The pope goes to Kenya

7 hours ago
Noor Khamis/Reuters

It rained on the pope's parade today. Quite literally. But it didn't seem to dampen the spirits of the 300,000 Kenyans who crowded onto the University of Nairobi campus, despite heavy downpours, to hear and see Pope Francis celebrate his first public mass in Africa.