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  A popular playground toy – a brightly-colored blue, orange and yellow-colored seahorse – has gone missing from a Dennis park where it was to be reinstalled after a renovation.

“We had to take it out of the ground to make room for the equipment,” said resident Jeni Landers, who teamed up with other moms to renovate the park. “We had put it to the back of the playground. It was extremely heavy. The base was all covered in cement because obviously it had been installed in the ground.”

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It’s a dream of  many young people to fly in a plane, and perhaps one day become professional pilots. Recently, a number of South Coast kids got a chance to take a free flight at the New Bedford Regional Airport. – some even handling the controls for a few minutes. Event organizers say that the objective is simple: give kids a taste of being up in the sky, and it just might spark a lifelong interest in aviation. 

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The South Coast town of Wareham has struggled for the past few years to maintain essential services in the face of a declining tax base and ever-increasing costs. While other area communities have largely recovered from the financial turmoil of the late 2000s, Wareham is still cutting its budget. With voters unwilling to raise taxes more than 2-and-a-half percent, the Wareham Council on Aging has essentially closed. And the operating budget for the town library has been drastically reduced – a move that’s had a ripple effect for local residents of all ages.

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It’s not very often that members of a community bid farewell to a tree. But recently, about 40 Woods Hole residents gathered to say goodbye to one of the much-loved Copper Beech trees along Challenger Drive. The tree is about 150 years old, and its branches have begun falling off, posing a danger to passing motorists and walkers. The stately old beech sits among buildings owned by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The ceremony was organized by the institution, and was called “A Celebration of Life.”

Well more than 100 police and emergency response vehicles provided a hero's escort to Officer Jared MacDonald, as residents and friends lined Main Street cheering for him -- waving hand-made signs and American flags.

Town employee Jean Potter says she was amazed by the turnout, and that MacDonald deserves the support.

"He went by, and I did get to see him, and I was able to wave," she said. "And he looks great. He had a huge smile on his face, and he was waving and he looked really happy to be coming home to this."

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If you are trying to peer up, past the earth’s atmosphere, all this bad weather of late poses a considerable challenge.  How do you study a distant galaxy when there’s snow falling on your telescope?

Neptune, Valentine's Day Blizzard of 2015, or simply the straw that broke the camel's back. Whatever you call it, we track the storm right here.

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The International Space Station orbits the earth more than 15 times a day. Want to see it? All you have to do  is look up at the right moment. You don't even need binoculars.


The federal government is auctioning off more than 742,000 acres of federal waters south of Martha’s Vineyard. The plan is to fill the area with offshore wind turbines – enough turbines to power 1-and-a-half million homes. But with the recent news that the offshore Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound may not go forward, it’s not at all clear that these new initiatives can succeed either. 

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For the last several weeks a comet has been visible in the sky – if you’ve known where to look with your binoculars. The comet is named Lovejoy, and it has a greenish hue.