Three Harbors Site Assessment document

Nantucket Sound will soon become home to one of a handful of artificial reefs in the state.

Harwich officials worked with the state's fisheries department to select material from the old Harwich High School to make the reef, which will sit in piles along the mostly sandy seafloor. The goal is to attract fish and boost recreational fishing.

WCAI's Kathryn Eident talked with Biologist Mark Rousseau of the state's Division of Marine Fisheries to learn more.

Storm Easing, Power Mostly Stays On

Feb 8, 2016
National Weather Service

5pm: Lighter snow is falling on the Cape, Islands and South Coast, and the National Weather Service in Taunton reports that the most intense portion of the storm has passed the area.

A Blizzard Warning remains in effect on the Cape and Islands until 7 pm, and light snow will continue to fall throughout the evening, which could result in a few more inches of plowable snow in the area, according to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

Storm Brings Heavy Snow, But So Far Few Outages

Feb 8, 2016
National Weather Service

The Cape, the South Coast and the Islands continue to get pummeled with snow and wind, but so far power outages have been limited.

The winter storm is dumping heavy snow, with strong winds threatening blizzard conditions in some areas. The storm is not expected to end until the nighttime hours, with the National Weather Service in Tuanton calling for a foot of snow or more across our region before it's all over.

The snow will be heaviest in the next few hours, and the winds could gusts between 45-65 mph.

National Weather Service

The snow is accumulating on Cape Cod, creating unsafe travel conditions as tree limbs start to fall on icy roadways. Officials are asking that residents stay off the roads as much as possible in order to clear the way for plow workers.

According to the National Weather Service in Taunton, heavy snowfall, strong winds and blizzard conditions will affect the Cape, Islands and South Caost throughout the day. The weather could cause downed power lines and may bring outages. The region could see 6-10 inches of snow before the snow tapers down and stops overnight.


Livestock farmers on the South Coast will break ground on a new slaughterhouse in Westport in the coming weeks. The USDA-approved 10-thousand-square foot facility will be able to process cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and other livestock when it tentatively comes online later this year.   

The Southeastern Massachusetts Livestock Association is spearheading the $5 million project. Kathryn Eident spoke with association president Andy Burns to learn more.


New Bedford officials are temporarily closing some fire stations at night.

New Bedford currently has ten fire stations, but only enough firefighters to staff nine of them at any given time. In an effort to save money, the city instituted a policy of “rolling brownouts,” where one station may close on a rotating basis on certain days.

At the moment, New Bedford can’t afford to hire any new firefighters, so spiraling overtime costs have forced city officials to extend those brownouts to nighttime hours.


State wildlife officials are applying for a federal permit to allow more flexibility in managing piping plover habitat on state and town land.

Federal law prohibits any activity that may put piping plover at risk -- the permit would help managers find a balance between protecting this endangered bird and allowing humans access to the beaches the birds nest on. The U.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Service is taking public comment on the state's proposal through February 19th.


Provincetown Hesitates to Allow Food Trucks

Jan 27, 2016
Edie Kennedy

Until fairly recently, “food trucks” mostly referred to local ice cream trucks, or the long, silver-sided canteen trucks that sell cold sandwiches and coffee. But in the last decade, thousands of food trucks have been popping up across the country, selling everything from steamed dumplings to macaroni, and more.

Scott Lebeda

Photos from this weekend's snowstorm, capturing the beauty and stillness of the snow. 

Local teens struggling with opiate addiction will soon be able to get access to medical treatments like Suboxone on the Cape. 

The Hyannis-based Duffy Health Center will use a 100-thousand-dollar federal grant to begin what’s called a medication-assisted treatment program designed for 16- and 17-year-olds.

These programs use drugs like Suboxone and Vivitrol, which reduce withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction. Executive Director Heidi Nelson says until now, families have had to go off-Cape for treatment.