WCAI is committed to airing local voices and stories. In addition to our news stories and sonic vignettes that air throughout the day, and our weekly features, we occasionally broadcast  "slice of life" and "sense of place" essays from members of our community. 


Celebrating Your Identity

Sep 5, 2013
Olve Utne

It's Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and commentator Nancy Aronie of Martha's Vineyard celebrates her identity.  Nancy teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop.   Thanks to Jimmy Parr on Martha's Vineyard for recording the essay.

Welcoming Sights, Sounds and Aromas of the Season

May 20, 2013
Daniel McKeon in Provincetown

A warm breeze, a gathering of friends, and the clanging of pots and pans are welcoming signs of the season for commentator and writer Marcene Marcoux.

A Mother's Legacy

May 10, 2013
Crops for a Cause

Sunday May 12 is Mother's Day, and writer Nancy Slonim Aronie has been mulling over the legacy that a mother might leave her children.  Nancy is the author of Writing from the Heart, and teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop.

Developing a New Habit

May 1, 2013
Nancy Aronie

Usually we talk about people trying to break habits.  Commentator Nancy Slonim Aronie of Martha’s Vineyard is trying to develop one.  Nancy teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop, and is the author of Writing from the Heart.

Tim Lineaweaver, a psychotherapist from Woods Hole, reflects on a painful personal history, and what it takes to confront and overcome violence. As a psychotherapist, Tim works with clients suffering from addictions and trauma. Note: the content of this essay is intense - addressing subjects of a sensitive nature. 

This essay was edited by Viki Merrick, and produced by Atlantic Public Media, our production partners here  in Woods Hole. 


Lucy Vincent Beach: "The Goddess" Sculpted by Recent Storms

Apr 6, 2013

Lucy Vincent Beach on Martha's Vineyard is renowned for its beauty. A series of winter storms reshaped the already shapely hideaway known as "the Goddess." Shelley Christiansen recently stepped out on the sand to survey the changes and appreciate the beauty that endures.   

Love Affair with Letters Lasts a Lifetime

Mar 31, 2013
Sara Piazza

Letters on paper possess a special power: by them we fall in love, by them we mark the passage of time. Now they are becoming increasingly rare. Nancy Slonim Aronie of Martha's Vineyard laments the loss of sending and receiving letters.

Audio posted above.

Nancy is the author of "Writing from the Heart" which will be released as an Ebook this May.  She teaches The Chilmark Writing Workshop.Her essay was edited by Viki Merrick, of Atlantic Public Media.

Glasses, Clarity and Life

Mar 21, 2013
Dan Tritle

It's amazing how new glasses can help clarify everything in your life -- even those things you can't see.   Martha's Vineyard writer Nancy Slonim Aronie had this moment of clarity.

Mysterious Uninvited Visitor Eats Cereal, Takes Pants

Mar 15, 2013

Like many Martha's Vineyard residents, writer Shelley Christiansen enjoys the island's laidback atmosphere.  But it can bring about the unexpected. In this essay she recounts the mystery of a burglar who didn't burgle. 

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Getting Through the Storm

Mar 1, 2013

Dr. Natalie Mariano works as physician at the Veteran Affairs Primary Care Center in Hyannis. She wrote this essay once the electricity returned after the recent blizzard.