WCAI is committed to airing local voices and stories. In addition to our news stories and sonic vignettes that air throughout the day, and our weekly features, we occasionally broadcast  "slice of life" and "sense of place" essays from members of our community. 


Glasses, Clarity and Life

Mar 21, 2013
Dan Tritle

It's amazing how new glasses can help clarify everything in your life -- even those things you can't see.   Martha's Vineyard writer Nancy Slonim Aronie had this moment of clarity.

Mysterious Uninvited Visitor Eats Cereal, Takes Pants

Mar 15, 2013

Like many Martha's Vineyard residents, writer Shelley Christiansen enjoys the island's laidback atmosphere.  But it can bring about the unexpected. In this essay she recounts the mystery of a burglar who didn't burgle. 

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Getting Through the Storm

Mar 1, 2013

Dr. Natalie Mariano works as physician at the Veteran Affairs Primary Care Center in Hyannis. She wrote this essay once the electricity returned after the recent blizzard.

The Dead of the Dead of Martha's Vineyard Winter

Feb 26, 2013

When Shelley Christiansen came upon a house on fire in Oak Bluffs at night, the desolation of the scene, and of County Road, seemed remarkable - until she remembered that it was Winter School Break, a time of year when the island really does seem as empty as the summer people imagine when they ask, "How quiet does the island get in winter?" 

Hey, Wanna' Buy a Lighthouse?

Feb 4, 2013
asterix611 /

Who says you can't buy everything? Shelley Christiansen writes to us about an unusual piece of real estate on Martha's Vineyard. Now, how much spare change do you have lying around...

The Writer as an Alchemist Dealing with Loss

Feb 1, 2013
Sara Piazza

Nancy Slonim Aronie, of Martha's Vineyard, honors the memory of her son Dan in this commentary. Nancy teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop. 

Missing Norman Mailer in Provincetown

Jan 17, 2013

The late writer Norman Mailer, a Provincetown resident, had a huge impact on 20th century literature and journalism. In this Commentary, he is remembered by his friend Marcene Marcoux. Mailer won two Pulitzer prizes, and inspired a generation of writers and activists. He died in November five years ago.

Marcene Marcoux is a writer and anthropologist who lives in Provincetown.

Rowing a Cornish Gig on Martha's Vineyard

Jan 4, 2013
Shelley Christiansen

Looking for a new activity, writer Shelley Christiansen found herself at the oars, as a crew member of Grace, a 32-foot Cornish pilot gig built by volunteers for the rowing club Sail Martha's Vineyard.

The Nativity, Minus a Baby Jesus

Dec 28, 2012

The nativity scene is back this year in front of the old Seamen's Church in Oak Bluffs. There's Mary, Joseph, the wisemen, two sheep, and a shepherd... so where is the babe? Shelley Christiansen investigates a holiday mystery on Martha's Vineyard, in her recent commentary.

Special Island Ladies

Nov 26, 2012

Here they come again, the island's special ladies.

The Caretaker

Nov 5, 2012

Winged Island Visitor

Oct 27, 2012

Island Book

Oct 12, 2012

It's A Crime

Sep 14, 2012