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A storm sweeping across our region on Monday could bring more plowable snow - as much as 8-12 inches.
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This past Tuesday Brewster received an inch of snow (here's the picture to prove it) and overnight temperatures dropped well into the 20s. Then, by Friday, parts of the Cape touched 60 degrees. Hooray for transition seasons!

After a long spell of relatively dry weather, we received much-needed rain this week, with the Cape and Islands picking up roughly an inch of (Nantucket caught more - about an inch and half).

Temperatures have been a bit cooler than average to end the week, but according to meteorologist Phil Burt, of, our best chance for a hard frost comes next Tuesday. Forecast models are setting up with a possibility for temperatures to drop into the mid-20s on Tuesday night going into Wednesday. For most of our region, that would end the growing season. 

Steve Junker and meteorologist Phil Burt discuss the weather outlook in the audio posted above - give it a listen.

After a lovely, balmy week in which temperatures topped 70 degrees in places on Cape Cod, our weather pattern is shifting. Meteorologist Phil Burt of says we should expect temperatures to "step down" over the next few days, as cooler weather arrives by the latter half of next week.  That means low-mid 60s for the weekend, and lower 60s early in the week. By Thursday and Friday next week, expect daytime temperatures in the low-mid 50s, and overnight temperatures in the 30s. Get that firewood ready!

When the Atlantic Hurricane Season opened June 1st, almost every forecasting body, including NOAA, predicted a higher-than-normal number of storms. So, have you noticed how quiet it's been? Not complaining, but... what happened? Meteorologist Phil Burt, of, says that question will be a subject of study for meteorologists for a long while to come.

High pressure set up over our region has brought days of crystal blue skies. We'll hit a little bump in the road with some rain the first-half of Sunday, and then the cycle is lining up to repeat itself with another lovely week. Meteorologist Phil Burt of agrees it's nice weather, but he says, sheesh... it's a little boring for the poor forecaster.

High pressure building over our region should keep fine weather in place for the weekend: plenty of sunshine, with cooler temperatures on Saturday, in the low 70s.  Sunday the thermometer climbs back up to the upper 70s. Looking ahead to next week, unsettled weather starts to arrive by mid-week.

Steve Junker and meteorologist Phil Burt of discuss the in-depth forecast in the audio posted above.

Yes, it's been awfully hot this week, with temperatures in the mid 80s and touching 90 in places. But for the Cape and Islands, according to meteorologist Phil Burt of, the weather hasn't met the technical definition for a heat wave.

Last week's holiday weekend was mostly a washout, with temperatures in upper 50s - chilly and raw, plenty of rain and wind. Now, what a difference a week makes! Thanks to a stable and relatively uniform air mass, our above-average warm weather of Thursday and Friday should continue through the weekend. Meteorologist Phil Burt of notes rain heading our way for Monday, then by mid-week a return to fine weather.

Audio of the complete weather forecast discussion posted above.

The good news? The Cape and Islands will not be catching the 40-degree daytime temperatures coming to other parts of Massachusetts. Still, one remembers other Memorial Day weekends, sunny and warm... Not this time! Meteorologist Phil Burt of says weather forecasters have been watching the unseasonably cold system, caused by a dip in the jet stream, making its way toward us, and it's been tricky to gauge just what it means for our weekend forecast. 

Audio of Talking Weather posted above.

The week finishes with fine weather - sunshine, temperatures in the mid-60s. Saturday offers clear skies, Sunday should bring some clouds. And Next week? Meteorologist Phil Burt of forecasts a mix of sun and clouds, with a chance for some rain to sneak in.

Listen to the weather discussion above.

After 3 years with above-average springtime temperatures for the Cape and Islands, this year we are just about back to normal. No wonder it feels chilly! Meteorologist Phil Burt of explains what's happening, and he forecasts fine weather for the weekend and into next week, thanks to a "stubborn high pressure system."

Audio of Phil Burt's conversation with Steve Junker from All Things Considered posted above.

One degree or so below normal - that's all this spring has been, though it has felt colder. Meteorologist Phil Burt explains why we've been staying bundled, and he makes a forecast for a return to warmer temperatures.

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Colder than normal temperatures may prevail into April, thanks in part to a negative North Atlantic oscillation. Say what? Meteorologist Phil Burt of explains why temperatures should remain cooler than average over the next couple of weeks.

Audio posted above.