The Point with Mindy Todd

A conversation from Twenty Summers in Provincetown:  Award-winning playwright J.T. Rogers and longtime foreign correspondent Rajiv Chandrasekaran talk about the intersection of politics, journalism, and art.

In collaboration with Twenty Summers, we air the first in our series of recorded conversations at the Hawthorne Art Barn in Provincetown.  Inspired by Mendelsohn's acclaimed memoir An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic, and Cunningham's fictional works that have paid homage to Woolf, Whitman, and even classic fairy tales, the two authors discuss how writers turn consciously to literature itself as a way of broadening their own horizons.

In October of 2015 the El Faro, a U.S. flagged cargo ship, sank in Hurricane Joaquin northeast of the Bahamas.  Despite a seasoned crew, state of the art navigation systems, and advance warning of the storm, the ship went down with without sending out a Mayday and without launching lifeboats.

Dan Tritle

Some of the problems addressed by psychotherapy -- or talk therapy -- include the impact of trauma, specific mental disorders like depression or anxiety, or the death of a loved one.  Psychiatrist Marc Whaley and psychologist Michael Abruzzese share their thoughts on different types of psychotherapy and how human brains have evolved.  WCAI's Mindy Todd hosts.

Single-use plastic bottles have become ubiquitous- not only do we use them for soda and sports drinks, it seems as if plastic water bottles can be found at every meeting, event, cafeteria, and even in our homes.

Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra

The debut of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra. We sit down with the founder and conductor of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra, Matt Scinto. With a debut performance on April 15, the orchestra hopes to engage younger listeners, musicians, and composers. 

Students across the country are organizing a school walk out to bring attention to gun violence and school safety. We sit down with high school students from across our region to discuss their views on gun control and their concerns following a number of school shootings. We also discuss student ideas for making schools safer and what they hope the school walk out will accomplish locally and nationally.

Twice a year, students converge in Woods Hole to learn the art and craft of radio storytelling. Many arrive having never held a microphone but graduate from the Transom Story Workshop with a ready to air radio piece.

We talk with lead instructor Rob Rosenthal, and hear several of the pieces produced by classes from this past year.

If a Pilgrim were to attend a contemporary Thanksgiving celebration, he or she would probably be stunned by today’s traditional foods.

A Thanksgiving with Mo Rocca, Amy Sedaris, and Robert Krulwich. Host Dan Pashman of The Sporkful podcast and Cooking Channel’s You’re Eating It Wrong presents "Thanksgiving is for Eaters."

A Thanksgiving week special.  Host and raconteur Paul Holdengraber gathers guests in a roundtable discussion about how and where they celebrate the holiday, what they cook, with whom they dine, how the literature they love captures the essence of food, family and other things for which they are grateful.

93-year-old Joann “Fifi” Burton of Falmouth enlisted as a Navy WAVE or Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service during the second World War.  Mindy Todd talks with her about the experience of being among the first women enlisted in the armed services.

Slinging Doughnuts for the Boys

Nov 16, 2017

Elizabeth Richardson was a Red Cross volunteer who worked as a Clubmobile hostess during World War II. Handing out free doughnuts, coffee, cigarettes, and gum to American soldiers in England and France, she and her colleagues provided a touch of home—American girls with whom the boys could talk, flirt, dance, and perhaps find companionship.  Usually the job was not hazardous—except when V-1 and V-2 rockets rained down on London—but it required both physical endurance and the skills of a trained counselor.

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Donald Trump was elected on an "America First" platform, and a populist and nationalistic agenda. How has this played out on the international stage since he took office, and what are the implications for human rights protections both at home and abroad? On The Point, we talk with Phil Robertson, Deputy Director of the Asia Division at Human Rights Watch about changes in U.S. policies and human rights protections in the first six months of the Trump Presidency.


Dan Tritle

WCAI's Kathryn Eident hosts a roundup of the week's news.  Her guests: Sean Driscoll from the Cape Cod Times; Josh Balling from the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; Andy Tomolonis from the New Bedford Standard Times; Ann Wood from the Provincetown Banner; Sarah Brown from the Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood from the Cape Cod Chronicle; and George Brennan from the Martha's Vineyard Times.