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Two Cape Cod football teams - the Mashpee Falcons and the Falmouth Clippers - are competing in the State football championships at Gillette Stadium. WCAI's Brian Morris checked in with coaches and players from both teams before their big games.

Nantucket Public Schools

Nantucket school officials responded to two incidents last week where students used language and rhetoric seemingly inspired by the tone of the recent presidential campaign.

Cyrus Peirce Middle School Principal Peter Cohen said, in one incident, some students at his school repeated disrespectful language used by President-elect Donald Trump. In the other incident, a group of students told a fellow student - an immigrant - that she was going to be deported. 

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Cape Cod residents lined up at Town Halls across Cape Cod this week as early voting got underway in Massachusetts. WCAI Morning Edition hosts Brian Morris and Kathryn Eident have a report.


WCAI examines the pros and cons of Ballot Question 4, which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts.


This week, the manatee originally spotted in waters of Cape Cod was placed aboard a Coast Guard plane bound for Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Officials there will continue to care for the animal, and will eventually release it back to its natural habitat.

Shortly after the plane took off, Morning Edition’s Brian Morris spoke with Kristin Patchett, Stranding Coordinator with IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare.


State fisheries officials have closed shellfish beds in Wellfleet after an outbreak of norovirus sickened about 75 people. The 16th annual OysterFest is this weekend, and it’s an event that draws upwards of 20,000 people.

Michele Insley of SPAT, the event’s organizing group, discusses what the closure means for OysterFest, with WCAI’s Morning Edition co-host Kathryn Eident.


In 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities ordered utilities statewide to file plans to upgrade their grids as a way to reduce outages and customer costs. Eversource submitted a $496-million plan to modernize its grid over the next 5 years, but some say it doesn’t go far enough in offering pricing flexibility to customers.

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A laser-equipped white cube will soon provide offshore wind developers with the highly accurate data they need to attract financing for their projects.

Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are set to deploy the Wind Cube, a sophisticated instrument which uses lasers to record wind speed data. Three companies currently vying to develop offshore wind projects in leased Federal waters south of Martha’s Vineyard will use the data to help secure financing.

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The town of Harwich had four overdose-related deaths last year, and that prompted Town Meeting voters to fund a full-time police department position dedicated solely to addressing the opiate issue.

Patrol Investigator Peter Patell works on what the department calls “street level drug interdiction”- getting to know addicts in town, and making himself available to offer help. He also coordinates his efforts with the Cape Cod Drug Task Force, and offers drug awareness outreach in local schools.

A new report from the Hyannis-based Housing Assistance Corporation found that hundreds of low income Cape Codders have to wait for seven years or longer to get federal housing assistance vouchers. Then, when they get those vouchers, they often can't find affordable housing in the region.

Kathryn Eident talked with report author, Noah Hoffenberg, about his findings and what they mean for a region that's already in an affordable housing crisis.



Kathryn Eident

Despite last week’s rain, the region—and the state—is still in a drought. The dry conditions have local fire officials on heightened alert for the risk of wildfire. As WCAI’s Kathryn Eident reports, officials are staffing fire towers and taking other steps to help prevent dangerous brush fires.

Kathryn Eident

Next week, some of the world's smartest student scientists will compete for a $50,000 scholarship in a science fair at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Falmouth Academy junior and aerospace engineering enthusiast Charlie Fenske will be among them.

The 17-year-old has wowed teachers and scientists alike with a system he designed to stabilize rockets when they are in orbit. Kathryn Eident talked with Fenske to learn more about his award-winning project.



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A group of restored World War Two aircraft touched down at Barnstable Municipal Airport recently. They’re part of the “Wings of Freedom” annual tour, and they offer an up close look at some of the historic bombers and fighters that helped to liberate Europe during the 1940s, and that still stir vivid memories today.

A Falmouth woman was recently diagnosed with hundreds of tick bites from larval-stage Lone Star ticks after spending time on the Shining Sea Bike path in Falmouth. 

While the bites can cause an itchy, long-lasting rash, larval lone star ticks do not transmit diseases to humans like adult ticks. The lone star tick is a relative newcomer to the region though, and local researchers are scrambling to learn more about them.

Kathryn Eident talked with county entomologist Larry Dapsis about it.



Evan Sung

A conversation with Mike Birbiglia and WCAI's Brian Morris.