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Arts and Ideas ~ January 24, 2016

Jan 24, 2016

7pm   Stories from London with crossfire and a vampire in a New Moth Radio hour (produced here by us)

8pm. Christopher Lydon in conversation about Star Wars – our post modern myth.

9pm: Freakonomics –Norway and so many Teslas  

10 pm PRX Remix Good stuff in a playlist – stories, short docs and podcasts 

Poetry Sunday: Margot Wizansky

Jan 24, 2016
David Wizansky

This week on Poetry Sunday, Margot Wizansky reads her poem, "Before There Were Women."

7pm The Moth Radio Hour - Sewing, Singing, Suits and Cemeteries (1603)  produced here !

8pm King Stories: the personal side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

9pm  Freakonomics: Migration - good economic and moral policy ? 

10pm  Ten from David: An appreciation of David Bowie 

7pm: The Moth Radio Hour - Live from NYC

8pm Born to Live - Studs Turkel

9pm: Freakonomics - more on sleep and how it affects our finances

10pm PRX Remix

Poetry Sunday: John Bonanni

Jan 17, 2016
David Cravenho

This week on Poetry Sunday, poet John Bonanni reads his poem, "Slipway."

Cotuit Center for the Arts

The work of dozens of Cape artists will be on display in the mid-Cape area at two art exhibits that open this weekend, one at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in Yarmouth, and the other at the Cotuit Center for the Arts.

Arts and Ideas ~ January 3, 2016

Jan 4, 2016

7pm The New Nativism: Christopher Lydon looks at this "Nation of Immigrants" and how that stands today.

8pm Freakonomics Radio -  ferreting out connections between seemingly unrelated things. This week, the economics of sleep - how our sleeping habits effect our finances...

9pm A Shortcut through 2015 - An audio collage of the cultural highs and lows, and major events of the past year

7pm The Art of Wildness – In the wake of the Paris Accord and economist thought, Christopher Lydon is in conversation – asking what the artists would do.

8pm Freakonomics Radio ferreting out connections between seemingly unrelated things. This week: WHy People Keep Having Children

9pm Life of the Law – live at San Quentin  - Stories from  inmates and returning inmates, staff and volunteers, about the community that sustains them.

Arts and Ideas ~ December 20, 2015

Dec 20, 2015

7pm The Moth Holiday Special Radio Hour - produced here at Atlantic Public Media

8pm  Freakonomics Radio: Former Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gives himself a grade

9pm Reveal - An investigative radio series. This time: Food Hazards

10pm  PRX Remix: A surprising playlist of good and different stuff.

Arts and Ideas ~ December 6, 2015

Dec 6, 2015

7pm Freakonomics Radio: This time, A live quiz show : Tell Me Something I don't Know

8pm Understanding Europe's Refugee Crisis: America Abroad 

9pm PRX Remix – a playlist of different and good stuff you don’t get to hear in the usual broadcast day – podcasts, interviews and more.

10pm  The New Yorker Radio hour: this week editor David Remnick talks with writer and musician Patti Smith.