Arts and culture

7pm Christoher Lydon in conversation with Grafitti genius Ganzeer and Historian Sven Becket

8pm Debate: The U.S. should adopt the Right to Be Forgotten Online

9pm PRX Remix (#200) goods stories and podcasts - work that doesn't fit in the broadcast day

10pm Van Morrison Duets:  performing some of his classics with Friends

Arts and Ideas ~ March 15, 2015

Mar 15, 2015

7pm Saving Innocence: America Abroad  looks at the global fight to end child marriage

8pm NPR Debate: Liberal Intolerance Stifling Diversity on Campuses

9pm PRX Remix 195 - good stories, edgy podcasts, lectures and more

10pm Melba Liston: Jazz arranger and "First Lady of Trombone"

Arts and Idea ~ March 8, 2015

Mar 8, 2015

7pm Superpowers, Spa Etiquette and the Word Trade Center - A new Moth Radio Hour

8pm Transistor: Conundrums in Science

9pm Food and Story: Steinbeck, Cather and Julia Child

10pm  A Time of Change  - Jazz Women of the '60's - Nina SIme to Alice Coltrane

Arts and Ideas ~ March 1, 2015

Mar 1, 2015

7pm Transistor – a new series about conundrums, curiosities, and current events in Science.

8pm The Harlem Renaissance – a history of Music, Religion and the politics of Race from Columbia University 

9pm America’s Best Days are Past – the premise for debate this time on NPR’s Intelligence Squared U.S. –

10pm Harry Nilsson – the life of the songwriter and storyteller

Arts and Ideas ~ February 22, 2015

Feb 22, 2015

7pm The power of African American Art – from State of the ReUnion

8pm Haiku, Native American dream songs and Civil Rights– conversations with writers about their methods and favorite verses.

9pm. A little bit of MVY on CAI with host Barbara Dacey with Monica Rizzio

10pm. The Blind Boys of Alabama celebrate New Orleans

Arts and Ideas ~ February 15, 2015

Feb 15, 2015

7pm REVEAL: investigative journalism - stories from behind the scenes

8pm Invisibilia – the intangible forces that shape human behavior. This week: Computers changing human character

9pm A new Moth Radio Hour – live from Portland Maine - produced by us

10pm. Real Love: navigating the highs and lows of marriage, testing boundaries, forgiveness, and breaking up.

Arts and Ideas ~ February 1, 2015

Feb 8, 2015

7pm Cartoons, Cleanups and Closecalls – more true stories -  told live  in a new Moth Radio hour produced by us.

8pm  Invisibilia – the intangible forces that shape human behavior: this time Entanglement: examples of human connection

9pm New and Improved: The backstory on advertising in The U.S. from the American History Guys

10pm Amazon is the reader’s friend – the premise this week on NPR’S debate series:  Intelligence Squared US.

Arts and Ideas ~ February 8, 2015

Feb 8, 2015

7pm– Rattlesnakes, Wedding Rings and Rescue Missionsmore true stories -  told live  - notes no net ! in a new Moth Radio hour produced by us.

8pm  Invisibilia – the intangible forces that shape human behavior: this time Categories- How much we want and need them.

9pm America and Cuba: After the Thaw – a long and complex history from America Abroad.

10pm Jump for Joy – the story behind Duke Ellington’s musical 

Arts and Ideas ~ February 1, 2015

Feb 1, 2015

7pm The Moth Radio Hour: Cartoons, Cleanups and Close calls

8pm Invisibilia: The intangible forces that shape human behavior: Entanglement

9pm New and Improved: the backstory on advertising from the American History Guys

10pm Intelligence Squared US - Debate: Amazon is the Readers' Friend

Arts and Ideas ~ January 25, 2015

Jan 25, 2015

7pm Reveal :  Investigative Journalism – behind the scenes with host Al Letson

8pm Invisibilia – Stories about the forces that shape human behavior. BATMAN

9pm The WMYV Music Hour  with host Barbara Dacey

10pm Doctors, Prom and Ellen – a new Moth Radio Hour produced here, by us.