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The Point hosts: Mindy Todd, Heather Goldstone, and Sean Corcoran.
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Here's something you don't see everyday: two thirds of a legislative body not only supporting a bill, but actually co-sponsoring it. One hundred thirty-four Massachusetts state Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of legislation intended to help bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

On The Point, Larry Tye joins host Mindy Todd to talk about his new book Bobby Kennedy, the Making of Liberal Icon. Known as a civil rights leader and advocate for the poor, the lesser known Bobby Kennedy worked for Joe McCarthy and employed questionable tactics to help his brother get elected.

A Way with Words

Feb 8, 2017


The new weekend radio program A Way with Words  has recently debuted on WCAI’s airwaves. It’s an upbeat and lively hour-long show about language examined through history, culture, and family. Joining us on The Point to talk about the show and answer some language questions are the show's co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett. Mindy Todd hosts.

Leon Logothetis has visited more than 90 countries and traveled to every continent. While he’s filmed television series and written books about his experiences, traveling is not his job, it’s his life. His focus is kindness and harnessing the power of human connection. On The Point, we talk about his latest book: Live, Love Explore, Discover the Way of The Traveler, A Road Map to the Life You Were Meant to Live. Mindy Todd hosts.

No longer a rarity in this region, white sharks are frequently spotted off Cape Cod beaches each summer. While scientists welcome the opportunity to learn more about the species, there is a safety risk for humans recreating in the water.  On The Point, we discuss a collaboration with scientists, towns, and the Cape Cod National Seashore, for public safety and education about white sharks.

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

WCAI's Sean Corcoran hosts a roundup of local stories with journalists from across the region.

Drug Story Theater is a performance dramatizing the path from substance use to addiction. The cast of is made up of teens in recovery, and the target audience is middle and high school students.  In this project, we find an intersection of addiction treatment and addiction prevention. 

J. Junker

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is now providing entertainment and social events that don’t include drugs or alcohol. Sober Social Evenings offer an opportunity for people to socialize and enjoy each others’ company in a festive,  joyful environment. While the program is geared towards those in recovery, all are welcome to attend.

Circuses and other traveling acts have long made use of wild and exotic animals to entertain humans. On The Point, we discuss growing opposition to such exhibits, the impacts on the health and welfare of the animals, and what happens to them when circuses and other traveling acts close.

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Dwindling habitat and elephant poaching for ivory have combined to cause serious threats to elephant populations. On The Point, we talk about international efforts to reduce demand for ivory, including a recent announcement from China that they will close the domestic ivory market next month.