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Credit "3 Stones" by Kevin King

Join station founder Jay Allison for an eclectic mix of topics Sunday evenings 7 to 11pm.

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Many programs on Arts & Ideas come from the Public Radio Exchange, a project of Atlantic Public Media in Woods Hole. If you heard something on Arts & Ideas, chances are you can find it on the PRX.

Produced by Viki Merrick from Atlantic Public Media

Arts and Ideas ~ August 14, 2016

Aug 14, 2016

7pm Invisibilia  -  the invisible forces that shape human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and thoughts. This time “flipping the script” – using unexpected behaviors  

8pm The Rise of the Machines:  Christopher Lydon in conversation about.Man-Machine interdependency and where it  might be taking us.  

9pm  “Everything was Right” – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Album - Revolver  - their greatest, according to some -  a 2 hour special with whole songs - history and stories from behind the scenes.

10pm  Everything was Right” Part II

Arts and Ideas ~ August 7, 2016

Aug 7, 2016

7pm  Invisibilia – the hidden forces that control human behavior. This time: Frame of Reference


8pm  In light of Brexit, - a look at Greece. Christopher Lydon in conversation

9pm Weird Jazz Instruments – from the New Jazz Archive

10 pm Stories on Shuffle - Good stuff in a playlist – 

Arts and Ideas ~ July 31, 2016

Jul 31, 2016

7pm  Invisibilia – The Problem with the Solution - a radical approach to mental illness


8pm  Out of The Blue – 50 years after the Texas Tower Shooting

9pm Ella Fitzgerald – a jazz profile of the first lady of song.

10 pm Stories on Shuffle - Good stuff in a playlist 

Arts and Ideas ~ July 24, 2016

Jul 24, 2016

7pm  Invisibilia: The Personality of Myth

8pm  America in Three Songs  – Christopher Lydon in Conversation with Greil Marcus   

9pm  Great Moments in Convention History – a timely special from Political Junkie

10 pm PRX Remix - good stories on shuffle 

Arts and Ideas ~ July 17, 2016

Jul 17, 2016

7pm  Invisibilia: The New Norm

8pm  Portraits in Landscapes - Stories From the Heart of The Land 

9pm  Artie Shaw - King of Swing - The New Jazz Archive 

10pm PRX Remix - stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ July 10, 2016

Jul 10, 2016

7pm  The Moth Radio Hour: A Phonecall, Flamenco and a Surprise Party - produced here!

8pm  The Great British Break-Off - Christopher Lydon in conversation

9pm Espionage in the Age of Terror - America Abroad

10pm PRX Remix - stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ June 26, 2016

Jun 27, 2016

7pm  Stories of Imposters: Third Coast International Audio Festival

8pm Hidden Kitchens: King of BBQ, A Civil Rights kitchen and Cowboys and Indians - stories from the Kitchen Sisters 

9pm  Christopher Lydon in conversation with Eileen Myles: Poet and Provacateur

10pm  PRX Remix - stories on shuffle.

Arts and Ideas ~ June 19, 2016

Jun 19, 2016

7PM  The Moth Radio Hour Father's Day special ! produced here

8pm American Hearts and Minds - Christopher Lydon

9pm Debate: The President has Usurped the Constitutional Power of Congress 


Arts and Ideas ~ June 12, 2016

Jun 13, 2016

7pm  The Mets, McDonalds and a White House Secret – A new Moth Radio Hour – produced right here by us 

8pm  America Abroad investigates: Islam in Africa: the struggle to resist the extremists 

9pm Remembering Muhammad Ali:  The Studs Terkel Archive interview from 1975

10pm  PRX Remix - stories on shuffle. 

Arts and Ideas ~ June 5, 2016

Jun 5, 2016

7pm ​A Walk in the Park - Hearing Voices celebrates 100 years of Nation Parks 

8pm  Ferrante Fever – Christopher Lydon in conversation about  the Neopolitan Novels

9pm Hunters Destroy Wildlife – the premise for NPR’s Debate  

10 pm Stories on Shuffle - Good stuff in a playlist –