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Sunday evening from 7 to 11

Credit "3 Stones" by Kevin King

Join station founder Jay Allison for an eclectic mix of topics Sunday evenings 7 to 11pm.

For past shows prior to December 2012, visit the Arts and Ideas Archive.

Many programs on Arts & Ideas come from the Public Radio Exchange, a project of Atlantic Public Media in Woods Hole. If you heard something on Arts & Ideas, chances are you can find it on the PRX.

Produced by Viki Merrick from Atlantic Public Media

For Easter - Jazz goes to church in Sacred Blue. New listening beyond the usual broadcast waves: podcasts about deciphering Washington-speak; 99% invisible activity that shapes our world and Unfictional stories about women's work.

7pm Freakonomics: The power of Human Waste

8pm Sacred Blue: Jazz goes to Church in the 1960's

Arts and Ideas March 24, 2013

Mar 24, 2013

7pm Freakonomics: The Truth is out there, right? 

8pm Autism Grows up: Life after 22: 4 stories 

9pm Secrets of DNA - the future of medical care

10pm The Podcast Hour - an eclectic sampling of what you can hear beyond the air waves.

7pm Freakonomics: You Eat What You Are

8pm  After a Decade at War: Afghanistan, Iraq and Counterinsurgency – what are the lessons? From America Abroad.

9pm On the Clock –the rhythm of night and day — and how the electric lighting changed that rhythm forever – the backstory on time from the American History Guys.

10 pm St Patricks day: Irish Music with a twist – curated in Belfast - not your usual jig. 

Arts & Ideas March 10, 2013

Mar 12, 2013

7 pm The Moth Radio Hour 1308 

8pm Freakonomics-Save me from Myself

9pm A Woman of No Consequence

9:30pm Femminist Poets

10 pm Alan Lomax: his life and history

Arts and Ideas March 3, 2013

Mar 2, 2013

7pm The Moth Radio Hour - more new stories told live - produced here by us. 

8pm Freakonomics: the hidden side of things - this time-  College: is it worth the time and money?

9pm History at the Movies: The American History Guys look at why so many Oscar winners are about history 

Arts and Ideas February 24, 2013

Feb 23, 2013

7pm The Moth Radio Hour  - live event from Martha's Vineyard - produced here by us

8pm NPR's debate series - the premise: Legalize Drugs 

9pm Snap Judgment: stories about decisions that change lives. This time: The Stranger

7pm The Moth Radio Hour

8pm The Emancipation Proclamation - The Backstory

9pm The Singing Instrumentalists - NPR Jazz

10pm  Snap Judgment: stories of love

7pm The Moth Radio Hour

8pm Religious Minority in the Middle East

9pm The debate on Fracking - more harm than good?

10pm Langston Hughes, the poet, as composer

Arts and Ideas February 3, 2013

Feb 2, 2013

7pm The Moth Radio Hour - true stories told live - produced here by us !

8pm Hidden Kitchens:  secret kitchens and the worlds behind their doors.

9pm Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate : Creation or Evolution? You decide

Arts and Ideas ~ January 27, 2013

Jan 27, 2013

7pm - The Moth radio hour WCAI technical difficulties - we will re-broadcast the hour at a future date.

8pm Culture Shock 1913: a year of artistic upset and audience apoplexy at the beginnings of sweeping change for 20th century culture.