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Credit "3 Stones" by Kevin King

Join station founder Jay Allison for an eclectic mix of topics Sunday evenings 7 to 11pm.

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Many programs on Arts & Ideas come from the Public Radio Exchange, a project of Atlantic Public Media in Woods Hole. If you heard something on Arts & Ideas, chances are you can find it on the PRX.

Produced by Viki Merrick from Atlantic Public Media

Arts and Ideas ~ November 6, 2016

Nov 6, 2016

7pm Gearing up for Election Day - A lively historical collage of U.S. Election s

8pm Undocumented immigrants should have a path to citizenship – that is the premise this time on NPR’s debate series

9PM America Abroad looks at how the US is fighting the Zika virus and other future Epidemics

10pm– Good Stories on Shuffle short documentaries, podcasts, interviews  and more

Arts and Ideas ~ October 30, 2016

Oct 31, 2016

7pm War of the Worlds - behind the scenes of the infamous radio production 

8pm American Wreckage:  Christopher Lydon in conversation about how the damage to democracy will continue – no matter who wins the election

9PM Two Old Jewish friends, A city girl and and African villager, a refugee and a homeless man. Three Short Plays about Beating the Odds

10pm Good stories on shuffle from PRX Remix

Arts and Ideas ~ October 23, 2016

Oct 23, 2016

7pm Bob Dylan and his Nobel Prize - Writers talk about their favorite Dylan writings

8pm Works from the National Endowment for the Arts – Appalachian author Ron Rash and choreographer Earl Mosley –

9PM.  Blame ” big pharma” for out of control health care costs –  NPR’s debate  series Intelligence Squared.

10pm Good stories on Shuffle, PRX remix 

7pm   Freakonomics: Racial Profiling in Restaurants

8pm   America Abroad: America's Bond with Israel

9pm  Paul Simon 2000: A tour of his work in this century

10pm PRX Remix - Good stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ October 2, 2016

Oct 2, 2016

7pm Christopher Lydon in conversation with Maureen Dowd  of the NY Times 

8PM  Inside the Adoption CircleFirst-person voices from all sides of adoption; living with questions and searching for answers. Produced here for

9PM The Elites are to Blame for the Trump Phenomenon – that’s the premise this time on NPR’s Debate series.    

10pm Prx Remix - good stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ September 25, 2016

Sep 25, 2016

7pm   Slam stories from Coast to Coast: A new Moth Radio Hour ! produced here by us.

  8pm  Campaign “68 – a watershed in U.S. politics American Radioworks explores the similarities to the current campaign.

9pm Spare the Rod: Reforming school discipline

10pm PRX Remix – good stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ September 18, 2016

Sep 20, 2016

7pm The Moth Radio Hour: Stories of Lessons Learned - produced here by us !

8PM NPR's Debate: The EPA has Gone overboard on Climate Change –

9PM College behind bars – a report on education as part of prison reform. 

10pm PRX Remix : Good stories on shuffle 

 7pm The Moth Radio Hour - Stories from L.A

8pm  America Abroad: US Foreign Policy and the Next President 

9pm The College Remedial Education Trap

10pm PRX Remix: Good stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ September 4, 2016

Sep 4, 2016

7pm   REM, Car wrecks and the Circus – It’s a new Moth Radio Hour !


8pm  Nine to Five – a labor day special with stories about the work we do.

9pm Christopher Lydon in conversation about  Apocolypse Now?

10pm PRX Remix – good stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ August 28, 2016

Aug 29, 2016

7pm  Invisibilia – the  hidden forces that control human behavior – this time: exploring whether true change can happen from the outside IN

8PM Is Migration a Basic Human Right? – Freakonomics Radio – known for exploring the riddles of everyday life – investigates.

9PM Christopher Lydon talking about The Remade Man and Engineering Humans

10pm  PRX Remix - Stories on shuffle.