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Credit "3 Stones" by Kevin King

Join station founder Jay Allison for an eclectic mix of topics Sunday evenings 7 to 11pm.

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Many programs on Arts & Ideas come from the Public Radio Exchange, a project of Atlantic Public Media in Woods Hole. If you heard something on Arts & Ideas, chances are you can find it on the PRX.

Produced by Viki Merrick from Atlantic Public Media

Arts and Ideas ~ October 1, 2017

Oct 15, 2017

7pm America Abroad After Paris -an update on the Climate Change Agreemnt

8pm  New Letters on the Air: conversations with Pulitzer Prize poet- Gwendolyn Brooks,  and author of The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls

9pm  Ethnic Cleansing: Truth Politics and Power examines why and how Nations attack minorities and how the world responds.

10pm PRX Remix – good stuff on shuffle – 

Arts and Ideas ~ September 24, 2017

Sep 24, 2017

7pm The Moth Radio hour- "Finding Your Calling" - produced here by us

8pm  The Politics of Denial - a history of when science and politics mix.

From Truth politics and Power

9pm  Great comeback stories in the history of Jazz - Pat Martino, Duke Ellington and more


10pm PRX Remix - good stuff on shuffle. You never know what you're going to hear.


Arts and Ideas ~ September 17, 2017

Sep 20, 2017

7pm  The Dinner Table show - stories of dinner and all it inspires.

8pm  The DACA Deal - profiles of College Dreamers and their opponents

9pm  Linda Ronstadt - more of the  50 yr celebration of her career

10pm  PRX Remix - Good stories and weird stuff on shuffle

7pm States' Rights confronting Federal Government - Truth Politics and Power

8pm Shackled Legacy: Universities and the Slave Trade

9pm  Celebrating Linda Ronstadt's 50 yr career

10pm  PRX Remix

Arts and Ideas ~ September 3, 2017

Sep 4, 2017

7pm  The Moth Radio Hour - True stories, told live - produced here.


8pm  The Working Tapes of Studs Terkel


9pm  The Pulse: How science and technology are changing the basics of work and, the workplace.

10pm  PRX Remix - Good stories and weird stuff  on shuffle


Arts and Ideas ~ August 27, 2017

Aug 31, 2017

7pm  Black Hole Blues and Others songs from Outer space - Musical Physicists on sound in the the universe.

8pm  Separate but Unequal - the legacy of race riots in the U.S.

9pm   Truth Politics and Power: Post Modern Propaganda in Russia

10pm  PRX Remix - Good stories on shuffle

Arts and Ideas ~ August 20, 2017

Aug 20, 2017

7pm  An Inconvenient Sequel - former Vice President Al Gore in conversation about the film and taking on the challenge of fighting climate change.  

8pm  Harder Faster CRISPR - new tweaks to gene editing where human science takes charge of the human genetic lifeline. Christopher Lydon in conversation

9pm Sidney Bichet - King of the Soprano Sax - from the  NPR Jazz archive.

10pm:  PRX Remix: Good stuff on shuffle - short documentaries, interviews, stories, podcasts and more.  


Arts and Ideas ~ August 13, 2017

Aug 13, 2017

7pm  ​ The Question of Voter Fraud: Truth, Politics and Power 

8pm  Roots, Radicals, and Rockers - singer songwriter Billy Bragg: an elder statesman for youthful rebellion. Christopher Lydon in conversation.

9pm Go By Train - stories from hobos, poets, musicians and pullman porters - from Hearing Voices 

10pm  PRX Remix - good stories on shuffle. 

Arts and Ideas ~ August 6, 2017

Aug 6, 2017

7pm  The Moth Radio Hour - produced right here !


8pm  The Rules of Life - from the National Science Foundation

9pm  The question of Impeachment - Truth Politics and Power

10pm  PRX Remix - Good stories on shuffle


Arts and Ideas ~ July 23, 2017

Jul 23, 2017

7pm  Hidden Kitchens around the World -  an international collection of stories of land, community and food. hosted by Frances McDormand

8pm  The Concord Circle and The Birth of American Philosophy   A bicentennial celebration of the American poet-philosopher Henry David Thoreau

9pm The Quest for Good Sleep - America’s new obsession - from The Pulse: stories at the heart of health and science


10pm Prx Remix - Good stories on shuffle.