Yummy or Not? The Myth of the Inedible False Albacore

Sep 16, 2016

On the Fishing News this week, Kevin Blinkoff discusses how to prepare false albacore - and, yes, it can be tasty.
Credit www.onthewater.com/kayak-albies/

Local fishermen will tell you two things about false albacore: they're thrilling to fish for, and they taste terrible.

The first is indisputable.  But the second has long been a lingering question. 

After all, false albacore belong to the same family as bonito, which are as tasty as it gets.

Kevin Blinkoff, intrepid editor at On The Water magazine, decided to take on the myth of the inedible albie. On the this week's Fishing News, he describes the process by which he came to the conclusion that the funny fish can be "very good - not too much different than a tuna."

You want highlights? Here they are:

• Gotta treat that fish right. Because albies are an oily fish, you want to bleed it immediately and get it right into icy water. This means planning ahead, bringing plenty of ice. 

• Cut out all that dark meat. As much as a third of the filet is the dark, oilier meat. This is where the "fishy" taste is. Remove it and feed it to a cat.

Kevin also talks about two different ways he prepared the fish. And we round-up the weekly fishing action, from albies all over the Cape's south side and Woods Hole, to good stripers at the Canal. It's all in this week's Fishing News, below - give it a listen.