Tiny Predators: Facing Cape Cod's Tick Problem

Aug 12, 2012

In this original 5-part series, Sean Corcoran examines the ecology of the tick: how it survives, how it travels, how it gets under our skin.

There's growing awareness about the dangers of Lyme disease, as it and other tick-borne illnesses become more common. Disagreements about treatment and diagnosis are important and well-documented. But in the fight against Lyme, it's crucial to know where the pathogen lives when it's not inside us, and how it makes its way under our skin.

In our series, "Tiny Predators: Facing Cape Cod's Tick Problem" WCAI reports on researchers' newest understanding of tick ecology -- how they travel, how they live, and how they survive — as well as some of the innovations available in the fight against the tick.