Keeping Teens Safer, Healthier and Substance-Free

Apr 3, 2018

There is increasing attention to teen brain development and how it impacts teens behavior and risk taking, such as using alcohol and drugs. Parents and other interested members of the community are working to keep teens safer, healthier, and substance-free through the middle and high school years. Coming up on April 8th in Falmouth is a Community Forum on Addiction & Adolescent Brain. On The Point, we hear about this work and what supports are available for teens and their families.

 Dr. Ruth Potee is a family medicine practitioner in Western Massachusetts, who specializes in addiction medicine. She has been a leader in the fight against opioid addiction, with a particular emphasis on brain development and substance use. She’ll be the keynote speaker at the Addiction & Adolescent Brain Community Forum on April 8th in Falmouth. 

Also guests on this program are Kim Slade, Program Specialist with the Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative at the Barnstable County Department of Human Services., and Laura Finton, Falmouth High School Adjustment Councilor. Mindy Todd Hosts.