July Bird News: Birds of Summer

Jul 6, 2013

Arctic Tern

It's summer: time to raise your chicks, and maybe double your body weight if you're a bird like the Godwit, who fattens up now to prepare for a migration flight to South America. Mindy Todd and Vern Laux talk birds and take listener calls on the monthly hour of Bird News. We hear about the incredible migration of the Arctic Tern from pole-to-pole, more than 50,000 miles each year. Ari Daniel Shapiro, host of One Species at a Time, introduces us to researchers who attached geo-locator tags to track some of these terns to log their flight paths and found some surprises.

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Rob Bierregaard reports on how the Ospreys are fairing this season: there are many perils for these birds.

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Our bird brain quiz is about Shorebirds, and our monthly bird call is the Greater Yellow Legs.