Dovekies, Rarely Seen from Land, May Appear When Driven to Shore by Storm

Feb 19, 2014

Credit V. Laux

Dovekies are crazy cute, small black-and-white birds resembling nothing so much as a wind-up bathroom toy.  Once ashore Dovekies are in serious trouble as they cannot walk on land or take off unless on water. Helpless on land, they become victims of gulls and other predators. Humans, glad to take a little “penguin” under their protection, adopt others. Dovekies are soon killed by this form of kindness and only have a chance to survive if released immediately in the ocean or other large body of preferably saltwater, from which they can take off - or taken to a wildlife rehabilitation facility, where they know how to take care of these specialized little seabirds.

This is an excerpt of the Weekly Bird Report. Listen to the full essay in the audio posted below.