Creating Affordable Housing on the Cape and Islands

Oct 3, 2017

We live in a beautiful part of the world that attracts tourists and second home owners. While these individuals contribute greatly to our economy, they’re also driving up the price of real estate and reducing the availability of year round housing. It’s not just low income wage earners who are affected; workers in the middle income bracket also struggle to find and afford housing in our region. Two nonprofits have teamed up to help boost affordable housing production; they're calling it the Cape Housing Institute. On The Point,  Mindy Todd hosts a discussion on affordable housing and potential solutions.

Guests from the two nonprofits behind the new Cape Housing Institute are Jay Coburn, CEO of the Community Development Partnership, and Laura Reckford, Director of Community Relations at the Housing Assistance Corporation. We also hear from Heather Harper, Community Design/Affordable Housing Specialist with the Cape Cod Commission and Laura Shufelt, Assistant Director of Community Assistance for the Massachusetts Housing Partnership.

Here are links to more information on Martha's Vineyard affordable housing strategies: The Martha's Vineyard Commission and the Island Housing Trust.

For Nantucket, go to Housing Nantucket.

Click here for information on the Kirwin/Murray Memorial Bike Ride.

Here's a link to an article in the Falmouth Enterprise about Housing Now and architect Jill Neubauer mentioned on our program.