Bunker or Pogie: Menhaden by Any Name Makes a Great Bait

Sep 9, 2016

Menhaden may have a bit of an identity problem. Most of the Northeast refers to them as "bunker." But around Massachusetts they're often known as "pogies." Whatever you decide to call them, they're great bait this time of year for fishing big stripers.

Menhaden are a member of the herring family. They migrate into our waters seasonally, arriving from the south each spring. They grow out to a couple of pounds and about a foot long. They're schooling fish, typically swimming in big schools.

In this week's Fishing News, Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine, talks about snagging pogies and using them to fish bigger striped bass in Boston Harbor.

Also, we round up this week's action, including good fishing at the Big Ditch, and albies in Nantucket Sound and Vineyard Sound. Give it a listen.