Bitter Cold to Arrive with the New Year

Dec 28, 2013

Ponds may be freezing with the arrival of the 2014 New Year.
Credit Timothy West / flickr

Going out on New Year's Eve? You're going to want to be wearing layers. Plenty of them.

A blast of arctic weather is headed our way, coinciding with the arrival of the New Year. Meteorologist Phil Burt, of, is forecasting a series of frigid days. It begins with temperatures falling to the low 20s Monday night and sticking in the 20s through the day on Tuesday - and then it gets colder. New Year's Day is looking like it will hold in the low 20s, dropping to low teens overnight. And on Thursday? Ouch! Daytime temperatures in the teens, overnight in the single digits.

The bright side? Perhaps we'll have outdoor ice skating to begin the year.

Steve Junker and meteorologist Phil Burt talk weather most Fridays during All Things Considered. Audio of this week's conversation is posted above.