Bigger Bluefish Stay Offshore This Summer, But Here Come Snappers

Aug 30, 2013

Credit Colin Gordon / flickr

From Cape Cod up through the Boston area, bigger bluefish have not shown up in-shore in substantial numbers this year. Kevin Blinkoff, editor of On The Water magazine, says the fish probably found enough to eat offshore, and just never made their way to the Coast. There's no real concern about bluefish population numbers - especially as big schools of juvenile bluefish, also known as "snappers"- are now making their seasonal appearance in abundance.

Look for snappers in shallow areas like salt ponds, and around docks and piers. They're great fun to fish for - feisty fish that also make tasty eating. There's no size minimum for snappers, but there is bag limit of ten per angler.

Steve Junker and Kevin Blinkoff talk about fishing for snapper blues in the audio posted above.