Atlantic Hurricane Season Fizzles (So Far), Puzzling the Forecasters

Sep 27, 2013

When the Atlantic Hurricane Season opened June 1st, almost every forecasting body, including NOAA, predicted a higher-than-normal number of storms. So, have you noticed how quiet it's been? Not complaining, but... what happened? Meteorologist Phil Burt, of, says that question will be a subject of study for meteorologists for a long while to come. One possible contributing factor: dry air blowing off the Sahara into the Atlantic may have suppressed hurricane formation.

Turning to the weekend forecast, Phil calls for mostly fair weather Saturday, clouds arriving later in the day Sunday, and a chance of rain developing for Monday into Tuesday.

Steve Junker and meteorologist Phil Burt talk weather on All Things Considered most Fridays. Audio of this week's conversation is posted above.