Edie Kennedy

Assistant Account Executive

Edie grew up in Boston, and moved to Washington, DC to receive a B.A. in International Affairs with a minor in Journalism from George Washington University. After graduation, she worked as journalist and photographer, contributing to publications including The Washington Post. Edie came to WCAI as a contributor in 2015, and now works in local development for the station. Having worked as a journalist, she knows how important (and expensive) quality reporting is, and is excited to be able to work with sponsors to fund the programs produced by WCAI/NPR. Please contact her at edie_kennedy@capeandislands.org or 508-548-9600 x1718 with questions about becoming a business sponsor of the station.


Edie Kennedy

The number of people riding bicycles is increasing. In Massachusetts, it’s more than doubled during the past decade. But as the popularity of cycling goes up, so do the number of accidents. In Provincetown, bicycle-related accidents have increased almost 25 percent in the last 5 years.

Olga Golub is one of the people who loves to bike in Provincetown with her husband.

“Commercial Street, we walk it of course a lot, but biking, it’s so much easier than bringing a car,” said Golub.