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Brian Morris began working with WCAI in 2005 as an independent reporter/producer, and joined the staff full time in December, 2013. He has contributed to the station's “Creative Life” series, produced the “Nautical Minutes” series of :60 vignettes about nautical life on the Cape and Islands, reported on South Coast issues, and provided field production support for "The Point." He is co-host of WCAI's Morning Edition.

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Homeowners Weigh Options As Lawmakers Try To Delay Flood Insurance Rate Increases

  Homeowners Feel Blindsided by Proposed Flood Insurance Rate Hikes

Brian Morris/WCAI

Martha’s Vineyard gets electric power through a cable that crosses from the mainland to the island. The cable also supplies fiber-optic communications for things like cable TV and cell phone service. In recent years, the cable has failed numerous times, and now Nstar and Comcast are teaming up to install a new one. It’s a complex process that took two years to win approval from various town, state and Federal officials.

Four years ago, New York-based writer Joshua Prager was looking to buy a small cottage in the Provincetown area. During his search, he came upon an ad with a barn for sale in Provincetown, so he decided to have a look.

“I came upon this remarkable barn that was dilapidated but beautiful,” Prager said.

Brian Morris

The Art Reach Program at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum was honored Friday with the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Art Reach was one of 12 winners for after-school and out-of-school youth programs, and will receive a $10,000 prize and a year of communication assistance.

Juggling a Future

Nov 1, 2013
Brian Morris

Since 2000, Cape Cod has lost around 25% of its population of young adults. Many leave in search of career paths elsewhere. But one young Brewster resident, who returned to the Cape after several years away, is carving out a career here despite the challenges of the seasonal economy. He’s been able to find steady work by combining his unique teaching and performing talents in creative ways. For WCAI's Creative Life series, Brian Morris went to visit Trevor. 

The Creative Life series is funded by the Circle of Ten, edited by Jay Allison and produced by Atlantic Public Media.

Brian Morris / WCAI

As the people who work the sea for food face growing challenges - such as fewer fish to catch and more stringent regulations - shellfish farming is flourishing. It’s commonly called aquaculture, and while it surely has pitfalls, more and more people are entering the business and making a decent living at it. Demand is high, and prices are relatively stable.

Wellfleet in particular is known as a hotbed for oyster farming, and the shellfish growing areas along the town’s inner shoreline continue to be productive.

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In years past, seal hunters received a bounty of five dollars a nose to keep the population in check. Now, seals are federally protected, and their numbers have been steadily rebounding, with many thousands now living in local waters year-round. They’ve become a major tourist attraction, but local fishermen see the seals as just another threat to their livelihoods.


 A Big Attraction

Brian Morris

As we get older, it becomes especially important to keep the mind active. A memoir-writing class at a local assisted living facility is providing just that opportunity - helping residents rediscover lost pieces of their own lives, and learn from listening to each others’ experiences. For our series Creative Life, Brian Morris visited the class.

Robert Rindler

Jul 22, 2011
Brian Morris

A profile of Robert Rindler of Wellfleet, who makes art from what most people would throw away. Reported by Brian Morris for Creative Life.