Amy Vince

Host/Producer for The Point

Amy has worked at WCAI since 2001. After 11 years in the WCAI development department, she shifted gears and became producer for The Point with Mindy Todd. She enjoys the challenges of producing a daily public affairs program and the opportunity to research and learn about the wide variety of topics covered by the program. Before coming to WCAI, Amy spent nearly a decade sailing offshore as a mate on sailing school oceanographic research vessels. She lives in Falmouth with her husband and son.

Ways to Connect

We take a trip to Melissa Caughey’s chicken coop in Barnstable to meet her flock, observe their interactions and hear their vocalizations. Melissa’s latest book is titled How to Speak Chicken, Why Your Chickens Do What they Do & Say What They Say.

Being different, especially for a kid, can be a liability. Whether it’s your interests, your appearance or the way you talk, standing out can make you a target for teasing, taunting and bullying. Made by Raffi is a new children’s book that explores being different; both the challenges and the joys. Joining Amy Vince in The Point Studio is author Craig Pomranz. He will be singing books at the Crown & Anchor on Friday, June 2, 2:30 - 3:30 pm 

High School Internships

May 24, 2017

Today’s students are pressured to have a career focus as they leave high school, but without real world experience, it's tough for teens to make informed, realistic career choices. On The Point, we talk about some of the various internship programs being offered in our region, and how they benefit students as they embark on the start of higher education.

Coonamessett River Trust

Impending sea level rise and the potential for more severe weather, along with the importance of habitat biodiversity, has underscored the need for restoring landscapes in our region altered by humans. On The Point, we discuss several aquatic restoration projects on Cape Cod and how these projects will contribute to coastal resiliency and habitat diversity. 

The Cape and Island's slow transition into cooler weather is happening. On The Point, horticulturist Roberta Clark advises us on wrapping up the season in the garden. It's a perfect moment to dig up and divide overgrown perennials, and treat your plants to some mulch and compost. Amy Vince hosts.

Georgia is a novel based on the life of Georgia O’Keeffe: her art, her inspiration, and her relationship with photographer Alfred Stieglitz.  WCAI's Amy Vince talks with author Dawn Tripp on The Point.

Spinner Publications

Spinner Publications has just issued the second in a three volume set, "A Picture History of New Bedford 1925-1980." Covering the small happenings and the major events of the city the series gives a comprehensive look at the people, places and stories of the city.

We talk with Alfred Saulniers, Joseph Thomas, and Jay Avila, the editors of the book.   

New Bedford Mayor's Office

New Bedford is nicknamed the Whaling City because of its history as one of the most important whaling ports of the Nineteenth Century. It remains one of the biggest cities on the south coast of Massachusetts and one of the top fishing ports in the country. 

In addition to its maritime roots, New Bedford is also known for a vibrant arts scene and is host to a number of festivals. 

But New Bedford also struggles with many common urban issues. Crime, drugs, and stagnant economic growth are a constant threat. 

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Despite super computers and complex algorithms, climate change modeling is far from perfect. What’s needed is more data, and climate scientists are looking for it in some unusual places.

Mick Carlon is a 7th grade English teacher in Barnstable and the author of young adult novels that combine fiction with his love of jazz. His books have been used in schools across the country to introduce children to the great jazz musicians Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.

British adventurer Sarah Outen is almost halfway across the Atlantic ocean, rowing. She journeys eastwards around the northern hemisphere to London by rowboat, bike, and kayak. Sarah left Chatham in May, and she hopes to be home in England this autumn!  WCAI's Amy Vince checks in with Sarah by satellite phone, to hear how it's going in the middle of the ocean, all alone.

Josef Astor

Mary Norris is a copy editor at The New Yorker and her new book Between You and Me, Confessions of a Comma Queen, is full of practical advice, and Norris's funny descriptions of some of the most common and vexing problems in spelling, punctuation, and usage. She deals with comma faults, danglers, "who" vs. "whom," "that" vs.

On The Point, a discussion about the importance of storytelling and creative writing for kids. Producer Amy Vince talks with Wicked Weird Story Starters author T. M. Murphy and illustrator Mark Penta, along with elementary school teacher Jill Meserve, who is using the book in her classroom.

Athletes, musicians, comedians and actors have all penned books in recent years- but are they really writing them and are they worth reading? And what are the implications for those who hope to earn a living from writing?