Former state Senate President Stan Rosenberg will not return as president of the state senate this year.

The Senate yesterday moved to keep acting Senate President Harriet Chandler in the job through the end of this year.

Rosenberg stepped down temporarily last year, amid accusations of sexual misconduct leveled against his now-estranged husband, Brian Hefner. 

WCAI's Kathryn Eident talked with State House reporter Mike Deehan to learn more about the Senate's move to oust Rosenberg, and what comes next.

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On The Point, a conversation with New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell. He talks with host Mindy Todd about the agenda for the next two years, including an update on goals for the public school system, the future of New Bedford as a leading fishing port, and ways to support business development and the arts community. Mitchell has started his fourth term in office.

Elspeth Hay

During the growing season, Sarah Smith spends most of her time taking care of other people’s gardens—it’s her job. She also has a young son at home, and between these demands, she likes to keep her home garden easy and fun. 

Cape Cod National Seashore

As dawn broke on the morning of February 7th 1978,  I was one of the first people to gaze upon what was left of Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. After a night of howling 100 mile per hour winds, intense rain, and a 4 foot high storm surge, a landscape once familiar to me had been completely transformed.

Vocal harmony is very much alive on Cape Cod; the a cappella groups Hyannis Sound and Cape Harmony bring college-age singers together for summer performances. One group keeps singing all year round: the Cape Cod Surftones, known for their "Barbershop" style of harmony.

One of the many things that make the Cape, Coast, and Islands so special is our wildlife: we have a variety of mammals, birds and amphibians. Unfortunately human activities can injure and sicken wildlife; fortunately there is a place that will care for these animals.

WildCare in Eastham has a mission to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.  Stephanie Ellis is a wildlife rehabilitator and the Executive Director of WildCare.


Have you heard of “bird feeder fight club”? If not, that’s probably because I just made it up. But it totally could be a real thing, according to scientists using Cornell’s vast Project FeederWatch data set.

Statistics from the World Health Organization show 35 percent of women globally will experience violence or sexual abuse in their lifetime. One in ten individuals over the age of 60 will also experience some sort of abuse. While the causes and forms of abuse can be different for women and seniors, abuse of anyone is a grave violation of human rights.

What are some of the factors that put a person at high risk for suicide, and how can we identify these people and help them? 2012 Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention finds white men age 85 and older are 5 times more likely to commit suicide than Americans in any other age group. The Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands offers both a senior outreach program and an elder suicide prevention training.

It was now 1:05, and still no sign of the Flex bus to Orleans.  I stood in front of the Eastham Superette talking with the man in the electric wheelchair, onto which he seemed to have packed and tied all his worldly possessions.

At each Olympics, athletes set new records and achieve new feats not imagined a few years ago. For example, Brian Boitano wowed the judges in 1988 with his triple jumps. Now male figure skaters are doing quad jumps: four rotations.

The White House

The only overt mention of science came late in President Trump’s first State of the Union address, one that many scientists have criticized for ignoring or misrepresenting climate science and failing to recognize the science connections inherent in infrastructure and immigration policy.

J. Junker

The US Department of Agriculture is predicting record meat production and consumption in 2018, but it’s a changed picture from a generation ago. It turns out, per-capita beef production and consumption in America peaked in the mid-1970s. 

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Heidi Ledford, a senior biology and medicine reporter for the journal Nature, catches us up on major science headlines of the past month: 

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It’s no secret that Massachusetts has an affordable housing problem. In his 2018 State of the Commonwealth address, Governor Charlie Baker noted that “it has been decades since this state produced enough housing to keep up with demand.”