On The Point, psychologist and psychiatrist (Michael Abbruzzese and Marc Whaley respectively) discuss sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse. We hear about about different types of perpetrators, the #metoo campaign, and advice about how to be an upstander instead of a bystander. We discuss strategies and skills to defend ourselves against sexual harassment, and how to change the culture in our workplaces and elsewhere to create a safe and fair environment for all.

Map of First Cape Cod 'Canal' To Be Auctioned

Nov 15, 2017
Courtesy of Eldred's Auction House

Dave Garner of Orleans loves maps and he has an extensive collection of them. Every once in a while, he’s willing to give one up, and that will happen at an auction on Cape Cod Thursday, Nov. 16.


Birding in Peru

Nov 15, 2017
Mark Faherty

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited on an intense birding trip to Southern Peru, whose purpose was to promote ecotourism and showcase the regions birding potential. Mission accomplished.

Phillip Martin/WGBH News

Henry Lemus Calderon was, by his own admission, not a choir boy, even though he sang in one. He attended services at Faro de Luz church in Nantucket where the Rev. Rigoberto Lemus presides. Lemus — a common Salvadoran name on Nantucket and no relation to Henry — said Calderon spent a lot of time behind church doors.

wikimedia commons

Colder weather is here! Birds have amazing adaptations to deal with winter temperatures. Migrations are still happening in November, but birders here on the Cape and Islands are also turning up some warblers that should have migrated, but got caught up in a northerly air flow coming up off of Florida, a reverse migration. If these birds can find enough insects and get fat enough, they might still make it to warm places like Columbia and Brazil.

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Late one afternoon a few weeks ago, I took a walk along a Wellfleet beach facing Cape Cod Bay. At its start, this beach is backed by a low line of dunes, but after a few hundred feet, the dunes rise to become a low glacial bluff, a mix of sand and clay perhaps 20 feet high. 

Yoshiki Hase,

There are a lot of questions, in life and politics, that science can inform, but not answer. What should we do about gun violence? Should we ban high concussion risk sports for young athletes? Boston’s Museum of Science is asking provocative questions, and getting interesting results.  We talk to Christine Reich of the Boson Museum of Science.


The Gangs of Nantucket: The Arrival

Nov 13, 2017
Phillip Martin/WGBH News

Mara Salvatrucha, best known as MS-13, is a transnational gang based in El Salvador. It has about 10,000 members in the United States. In recent years, immigration officials have arrested and deported dozens of MS-13 and rival 18th Street gang members from Massachusetts to El Salvador. Some arrests were made in Revere, East Boston, Lawrence and in an unsuspecting location for gang activity in this state: Nantucket Island.

Alzheimer’s disease affects an estimated 50 million people worldwide, yet there are only a handful of drugs to treat the symptoms. None of them address the underlying disease processes, and it’s been years since a major new drug got approved. But there are 126 drugs in clinical trials. A leading researcher breaks down the prospects and obstacles to treating Alzheimer’s disease. We talk with Rudy Tanzi of Harvard & Massachusetts General Hospital. 

There have been ten mass shootings this year, and plenty of talk about the factors that contribute to the high rate of these devastating events in the U.S. Most research points to gun availability, but social contagion also plays a role. And, as with contagious diseases, researchers say early intervention is best. Sherry Towers of Arizona State University joins us.