In the Unlikliest of Places

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Mary Decker

Cape Cod was once home to a thriving punk scene. But, in recent years younger generations have fled to greener pastures for more affordable lifestyles and other young people. There is however one relic from the Cape’s punk heyday.

What do marching bands do when they can’t get out on a football field? Come find out, as the Spirit of America band gives a demonstration of its Winter Percussion Ensemble show, TANGO!, in Harwich.

Photo by Sean Corcoran

WCAI News Director Sean Corcoran and local journalists review the top regional news stories of the week. Sean's guests this week include Sean Driscoll, a reporter at The Cape Cod Times; Cape Cod Chronicle Editor Tim Wood; Sally Rose, editor of the Provincetown Banner; Nelson Sigelman, editor of the Martha's Vineyard Times; Joshua Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; and New Bedford Standard-Times Editorial Page Editor Jim DeArruda.


The film "Race to Nowhere" is a call to action for families, educators, and policy makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citizens. A concerned mother turned filmmaker aims her camera at the high-stakes, high-pressure culture that has invaded our schools and our children's lives.

Ralph Alswang

Selective breeding is not a new thing in the food world; humans have been selecting for desirable traits in plants and animals for thousands of years. But it is getting more sophisticated. This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay talks with a Wellfleet oysterman who's growing oysters with three sets of chromosomes instead of the normal two. 

You can read more about "triploid" oysters on Elspeth's blog, Diary of a Locavore, and ask questions in the comments section below.

From magnificent trees to opulent oceans, join us for a nature tour with diarists, photographers, novelists, poets, painters, and essayists. Jill Erickson, Reference Librarian at Falmouth Library, and Field Biologist Dennis Minsky discuss books on nature. Mindy Todd hosts.

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For birds and birders, this has been an extraordinary couple of months on the Cape and Islands, featuring really bad weather. Doesn’t get any colder or snowier - or at least it never had! 

J. Junker

On The Point, Mindy Todd discusses the local music scene and the music of Catie Flynn and Diana Di Gioia, two of the Cape's outstanding singers and songwriters. They will perform at Wellfleet Preservation Hall on March 28, at 7:30 pm.

J. Junker

Natalie Berkowitz discusses her book The Winemakers Hand; Conversations on Talent, Technique, and Terroir. The book is a collection of conversations with vintners across the globe. The winemakers explain the complex process of converting grapes into wine: a combination of talent, passion, and experience shapes the outcome of the individual wines. Mindy Todd hosts the interview on The Point

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This is the waiting time, the in-between time, when the advancing sun tells us that the back of this endless winter is broken, but the concrete signs of spring are still far and wee: a few ghost-like calls of clustered peepers in the bogs; the sole cardinal or a Carolina wren’s strident song, the first scattered flashes of daffodil sprouts on a still-sere hillside.