The Local Food Chain

WCAI’s Local Food Chain is made up of farmers and businesses committed to sustainable farming and local food initiatives throughout the Cape, Islands and South Coast. At WCAI we believe that a vibrant local food community is essential for preserving our region’s economic independence, for fostering the physical wellbeing of our citizens, and for preserving a lifestyle and set of values that defines our community’s unique relationship with the natural world.

The Local Food Chain makes possible The Local Food Report with Elspeth Hay, which airs Thursday morning at 8:35 and afternoon at 5:45, and Saturday morning at 9:35.

Bartlett's Farm on Nantucket
Bartlett's Farm is Nantucket Island's oldest and largest family-owned farm. The Bartlett Family has been farming the same land since arriving on Nantucket in the early 1800's. These days, the farm offers much more than our famous corn and tomatoes. With 10 greenhouses certified organic, greens are harvested daily. The staff in our commercial kitchen creates delicious food to go for every meal, every day, and offers a monthly farm dinner. The garden center has the finest plants and accessories for your home and flower or vegetable garden all year.


Morning Glory Farm 
Morning Glory Farm was started in 1975 by James and Deborah Athearn on family land on Meshacket Road. In the first years they cleared a small vegetable plot and room for a barn and pasture for milking cows. Eventually they outgrew the property and seeking a greater market they moved to the end of Meshacket Road in 1979. After several years there, Jim and Debbie decided to build thier own farm stand on the site where it is now. The original building, built in 1981, was an 18x20 foot post and beam. There have been several additions since then, more greenhouses, an employee residence, the vegetable barn with its two farm kitchens and an equipment maintenance building, among other improvements. The fields and crops grew and flourished, and at the present point they are actively working more than 120 acres and hire a staff of up to 100.