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2016 Election Debate Schedule on WCAI

Jun 12, 2016

WCAI features discussions with the candidates running for election this fall.  Join us for The Point with Mindy Todd to hear in-depth discussions of the topics and issues in each local race, and join in the conversation with your questions.  The Point airs live at 9am, and repeats the same day at 7pm.

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A clerk magistrate is scheduled to hear arguments for a criminal complaint against Mashpee Superintendent Brian Hyde this week. 


Hyde is accused of entering a student's home without permission last month. Police officials filed the complaint in court after an investigation. 


Kathryn Eident talked with retired Orleans District Court Judge Brian Merrick to better understand the clerk magistrate process. 

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Candidates for the 1st Barnstable State Representative seat  Elisa Zawadkas,democrat, and Timothy Whelan, republican, face off in a Political Debate live on The Point. Topics include wastewater, homeowners insurance, and medical marijuana. Mindy Todd hosts.

Last night the five candidates for governor faced off in Western Massachusetts, with WGBY's Jim Madigan moderating. You can watch the complete video, courtesy of our sister station WGBH.

Allen Waters and Ron Beaty are Republican candidates for the Cape and Islands State Senate seat. They discuss various issues with Mindy Todd on The Point.

Jonathon Colman, Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

A discussion of the Arab-Israeli conflict and tensions throughout the Middle East, with Mindy Todd on The Point and three guests who know the situation in depth.

Emmamuel Habimana, filmmaker and genocide orphan from Kigali, Rwanda discusses his documentary Komora: to heal with Heather Goldstone on the Point.  The film is about the orphan survivors of the 1994 Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.


Credit Ross D. Franklin/AP via NPR

Small cameras that record and store our license plate information are popping up almost everywhere, raising alarms around the country. In Massachusetts, privacy advocates are urging the state Legislature to regulate the data. But others say there's something standing in the way – the U.S. Constitution.


Here's a round-up of the week's top news stories. State Senate president Therese Murray won't seek a 12th term. A drug overdose spike across the Cape proves deadly.  A familiar whale "Wart" shows up again in Cape Cod Bay. New rules for oysters are going in place, because of problems with bacteria. An artificial reef may incorporates some of the debris from the demolition of Harwich High School. We check in about the Pilgrim nuclear plant and questions about evacuation plans for those on the Cape. And discussions about another bridge across Cape Cod Canal, for about $320 million.


Sean Corcoran covers the top news stories of the week with our region's leading journalists. Opponents of the Cape Wind proposal had an up and down week. And a solar company is going out of business, leaving local solar projects in limbo. We also hear how the region faired with this week's storm.