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WCAI's Sean Corcoran hosts an hour-long roundup of local news stories with journalists from across the region. Joining Sean this week are Sean Driscoll of the Cape Cod Times; Sam Houghton of the Mashpee Enterprise; Sara Brown of the Martha's Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Ed Miller of the Provincetown Banner; and Bill Chaisson of the Martha's Vineyard Times.

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Two Cape Cod football teams - the Mashpee Falcons and the Falmouth Clippers - are competing in the State football championships at Gillette Stadium. WCAI's Brian Morris checked in with coaches and players from both teams before their big games.

From the design features in a passive solar house to new technologies in building materials and appliances, there are numerous ways for buildings to become more energy efficient.

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Have you ever had whiting? It’s a small fish, usually about 12-to-14 inches long, with a soft white flesh and a mild flavor. It lives in our waters, and historically, the whiting fishery was big on Cape Cod every fall. These days, though, most local fisherman aren’t catching whiting, and it’s hard to find in local markets.

On The Point, we talk about books with a winter theme. Mindy Todd hosts book experts Jill Erickson, of the Falmouth Public Library, and Jennifer Gaines, of the Woods Hole Library.  

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Pilgrim Nuclear is slated to close in the spring of 2019. What are the steps involved with decommissioning the plant, and what will be left behind once the plant closes? On The Point, we talk with editors and reporters at The Cape Cod Times about their upcoming series exploring the long and short-term impacts of closing nuclear power plants, and what we can learn from other communities who have gone through the process. /

The other day I was walking one of those old, overgrown, and nearly invisible dirt roads on Bound Brook Island – the site of Wellfleet’s first settlement in the late 17th century, and now largely abandoned. I love wandering in such places of unrecorded and unidentified history, history that resides purely in things and not ideas, not even my own.

Rebecca Gilbert

Rebecca Gilbert is a farmer and fiber artist on Martha’s Vineyard. Surrounded by plants and animals on the farm her grandparents bought in the 1920s, Rebecca shears her sheep, dyes their wool with natural plants, and spins it into colorful yarn. She has struggled with depression for much of her life, but Rebecca has found joy, healing, and art in the daily surprises of farm life. / Lance Keimig Photographics

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the holiday lights go up. We've got details on holiday lightings and displays, plus music in Wellfleet, and a celebration of sea turtles. It's all in the Weekend Outlook.

On this special edition of The Point, the story of Massasoit's Peace Pact with the Pilgrims. Peace Talks Radio presents a conversation with American Indian scholars who fill in the details of Massasoit's attempt to make peace for his people and with the new strangers.