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WCAI News Director Sean Corcoran hosts a discussion about the top local news stories of the week. Joining him this week are George Brennan of the Cape Cod Times; Jim DeArruda at the New Bedford Standard-Times; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; and Nelson Sigelman of the Martha's Vineyard Times.

A different kind of food buffet takes place at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in Falmouth on Saturday, as more than 25 food trucks roll into town.

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White Nose Syndrome is a disease responsible for unprecedented mortality in hibernating bats. Martha’s Vineyard may be one of a few places in the Northeast where White Nose Syndrome hasn't infected bats or the places they hibernate.

A lively discussion of favorite books set on the Cape and Islands.  Jill Erikson of Falmouth Public Library and Vicky Titcomb of Titcomb's Books join Mindy Todd on The Point to talk about their top picks.

Elspeth Hay

Marmelada, if you've never had it, is nothing like marmalade. It is made of quince, not oranges, and although it is a kind of fruit preserve, it is much more firm than the citrus stuff. It's so hard that the Portuguese eat it in slices, alongside a piece of banana maybe or plain or with a hunk of cheese.

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Dr. Paul Foxman joins Mindy Todd on The Point to talk about anxiety in children: how, when and why it develops.  He describes what parents can do to reduce stress. Anxiety in children diminishes their intellectual, emotional and social development as well as their physical health. Children today are exposed to family and school stress, violence in society and media overload.  Dr.

Brewster resident and author Dwight Ritter discusses Growin’ Up White, his fictional account of a white boy coming of age in a racially divided town. Mindy Todd hosts on The Point.

On The Point, an interview with Steve Cadwell about his one man show Wild and Precious, which celebrates gay liberation over the past three decades.  Dr. Cadwell is a senior Boston psychotherapist who brings themes of gender, sexuality, and shame to the stage through poetry, story, costume, song, photos, and dance.

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At one of the creek bends, I climbed the steep, pocked mud bank up onto the salt marsh. Several yards from the edge was a small, cleared depression, one of the so-called “salt pans” where hundreds of fiddler crabs were gathered. I have always thought of fiddlers as homebodies, sticking near their burrows on the banks or on the mud flats, but here there were no holes visible, and, sensing me, they began to disperse with a kind of desperate confusion.

What to Do With a Tick: Fresh Sonic

Aug 24, 2015
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Alex Crowley talks about her son's experience with a tick.

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