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In Massachusetts there are close to 300 Community Supported Agriculture farms (or CSAs). That's a 95% increase since 2007, ranking Massachusetts sixth overall in the country (Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources,). Rusty Gordon of Ghost Island Farm in West Tisbury is one of those CSA farmers- but he's doing things a little differently.

Living with Cancer

Nov 1, 2017

A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming. There are oncologists and treatment options to consider, plus the physical discomforts and emotional strain. A cancer diagnosis also takes a toll on loved ones. On The Point, we talk with a doctor and his patient, about coping medically and emotionally with a serious diagnosis.


We all have our travel nightmare stories. Missed and cancelled flights, luggage that ends up in a different continent, or being trapped in a sardine can of a plane stalled on the tarmac for hours. But imagine if you took off from Miami, heading to, say, Costa Rica for a long, warm winter’s retreat, only to find yourself landing right back in Boston?

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Nantucket Island was formed by an ancient glacier and continues to change with the ocean. In this commentary, Ian Petty remembers when he first realized the island’s impermanence.

Smart Growth Planning

Oct 31, 2017

Growth and development put pressure on open space, farmland, and the character of towns and villages. Smart growth planning is an important tool for towns to plan development around the needs and resources of the community. On The Point, we talk about smart growth plans on Cape Cod.

Development pressures in our region are putting agricultural land in danger. We talk about efforts to preserve and protect farmland and collaborations between non profits and municipalities to acquire farmland and keep it in production.

Halloween Nostalgia

Oct 31, 2017

It’s become something of a cliché to hear members of my generation go on about how much Halloween has changed since we were kids. The main difference, we always seem to say, is how much freedom we were allowed on that one night of the year when mischief-making and self-disguise were not only approved but actually encouraged.

The Environmental Protection Agency has scrubbed climate change language from its website and barred agency scientists from speaking at a recent conference in Rhode Island. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has also advocated for military-style red-team-blue-team debates of climate science. Lisa Friedman, climate policy reporter for the NY Times, joins Living Lab host Heather Goldstone to talk about recent EPA actions. 

Roger Hanlon

Cephalopods, like octopus and squid, are the natural world’s masters of camouflage. They can change not only the color, but also the texture of their skin, to blend in or stand out, as the situation demands. Now, engineers have created a programmable, shape-shifting material based on octopus skin. Roger Hanlon of the Marine Biological Laboratory joins Living Lab host Heather Goldstone.

Wildfires are nothing new, but a complex combination of climate change, forest management practices, and development patterns are making them bigger and more damaging. Our guest on Living Lab Radio is Edward Struzik, author of Fire storm: How Wildfire Will Shape Our FutureHeather Goldstone hosts.


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