It’s been six and a half years since a powerful earthquake and tsunami disabled the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and spawned a nuclear disaster that continues to plague the area. Case in point – a new study finds that radioactive cesium can still be found in groundwater and sand along the coast up to sixty miles away from Fukushima.

Birds of October

Oct 10, 2017

For October's bird program, Mark Faherty, ornithologist and science coordinator at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, joins our host Mindy Todd to talk about the season's birding highlights.

Conventional airplane wings are supported by straight bars and struts, but a supercomputer has suggested a more organic design.
Elsa Partan

Once a month we check in with the reporters at the Nature News Podcast to get some of the stories that they've been working on. 

The Nobel Prizes in science were awarded this past week, and Massachusetts was well-represented. 

The Clay Pounds are one of the few geological features on Cape Cod’s Outer Beach that have endured long enough to have acquired a name. Located just north of Highland Light in north Truro, the Clay Pounds comprise a 40-foot thick band of nearly pure blue clay. Nowhere else on the Cape does anything approach these massive sedimentary deposits.

Brian Morris/WCAI

The mural at the Cape Cinema movie theater is one of the Cape’s largest, most unusual works of art.

The Cape Cinema opened in June, 1930. It was built by Raymond Moore, who had established the Cape Playhouse in 1926, then decided to build a movie theater nearby.

Poetry Sunday: Frances Ruley Karttunen

Oct 8, 2017

Frances Ruley Karttunen reads her work, "Cherry-tree poem."

WCAI's Brian Morris hosts a roundup of the week's top news.  His guests include Gwenn Friss of the Cape Cod Times; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Michael Bonner of the New Bedford Standard-Times; Ed Miller of the Provincetown Banner; Tao Wolfe of the Sandwich Enterprise; and George Brennan of the Martha's Vineyard Times.

Nitrogen loading of bays, estuaries and freshwater ponds is an ongoing problem, and one we’ve been addressing for decades. Are we making progress? What are the new technologies or options for preventing nitrogen loading and restoring habitats?  Host Mindy Todd talks with the Cape Cod Commission and leaders of non-profits tackling the issue of water quality.

Elspeth Hay

On the Local Food Report we’re still thinking a lot about why we make this show every week. It turns out a big part of it is love—a love of food and tradition. Today Elspeth Hay and Ali Berlow talk about putting up the harvest, and how their passions for this work have nurtured all kinds of different relationships and ways for honoring the bounty.


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